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Age 32
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation None
Occupation Former Accountant
Alias Fleur


Location North America

Hello there, name's Noir, part of the editors on this here wiki. I've been playing DFO since the Nexon-Era's launch and has recently remained a semi-active player now that Neople brought it back in 2015.

My Discord is Kuro#8891 and Explorer Club is ElegantFleur via DFOG Cain Server, either contact me through those.


Here a list of characters I sometimes play and invest in:



What I do

  • Pages for:
    • Endgame content.
    • NPCs/boss pages.
    • Trivia/Fact hunting.


  • NoirGraves is actually the IGN of my Necromancer main I used back in Nexon NA DFO.