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City of Shonan

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City of Shonan
Shonan Screen.png
Location Suju
Level Requirement Level 75
NPCs Woo, the Royal Messenger, Shonan Aska, Jun, the Blacksmith, Master Siran
Areas Suju Tournament Field, Time Gate

Shonan, the City of Martial Artists (Korean: 무인의 도시 쇼난 Mu-in-e Doshi Syonan, localized as the City of Shonan or Shonan City), also known as the Capital of Shonan (Korean: 수도 쇼난 Sudo Syonan), is a main city located in the Suju region of the Arad hub world in Dungeon Fighter Online.

Shonan was once known as a city beyond the Red Forest which restricted contact with foreigners. Freed from its past ruler's strict isolation policy, the city now holds great fighting competitions that attract fighters from all over Arad known as the Gold Dragon Tournament and the Silver Dragon Tournament which are supervised by Suju's Queen, Shonan Aska. Winners of these tournaments are graced with an audience with the Queen along with rewards from the Suju Royal Family and world renown fame.

Adventurers can access Shonan through the Dock in West Coast after reaching Level 75 and completing the necessary pre-requisite Act Quests.


Season 1 Act 02. Time Gate - New Area: Suju
Shonan Lore KR.jpg

Official Localization:

Upon the death of king Shonan Kay, a brutal tyranny and steel-solid seclusion of the nation have finally came to an end. As a result, the first princess Shonan Aska inherited the throne and became the new queen.

The new queen immediately established an internal reformation of government, and started to accept foreign cultures. Above all, she invited well-known adventurers to Suju, in order to make progress to Suju style martial arts which had been stuck without any advancements for decades. This breaking news led the footsteps of adventurers to Suju from far beyond the Red Forest, and even Arad.[1][2]


쇼난 (Shonan)

수쥬국의 수도. 무인의 도시라고 불릴 정도로 고수들이 즐비하다.
외곽 지역에는 아직 나이가 많지 않은 넨 마스터들이 운영하는 도장이 있으며, 휘청휘청 걸어 다니는 아저씨도 발도술을 쓰는 무사로 돌변하기도 한다.
또한, 쇼난 공방이 있어 뛰어난 장비를 만들어 낸다. 당장 시장에 가면 좋은 도를 싼값에 흥정해 볼 수 있기도 하다.
현재 국왕인 쇼난 아스카에 의해서 외부 문물을 받아들이고 있으며, 그 일환으로 무투대회를 열어 모험가들을 쇼난으로 끌어들이고 있다.

Official Localization:


The capital city of Suju also known as the City of Martial Artists because of the number of famous martial artists that it has produced.
In the outskirts, it has dojos run by young, talented Nen Masters. Everyone on its streets, even the most feeble-looking old man, can be revealed as a deadly swordsman if the occasion arises.
The Shonan Workshop is famous for the excellent equipment that it produces. Marketplaces are filled with good, affordable katanas.
Shonan Aska, the current queen of Suju who has opened her country to the outside world, is holding a fighting tournament to attract adventurers into her country.[3]


Map of City of Shonan


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Shonan Aska Shonan Aska Queen of Suju, Dragon Tournament Rewards Merchant Suju Gym
Siran Siran Boss Unique Merchant, World Renowned Katana Master, APC Suju Gym
Woo Woo Siran's Protege Suju
Jun Jun Weapon Refine System, Dragon Tournament Entry Merchant Suju Blacksmith

Dungeon Areas

Suju Tournament Field

Suju Tournament Field is a side dungeon area in Shonan. Adventurers must be Level 69 to enter. These dungeons span from Levels 69 to 77. This area contains the special Black Dragon Tournament which is necessary for the 2nd Awakening Quests.

Gold Dragon Tournament.png
Silver Dragon Tournament.png
Suju Tournament Field Locations.png

Time Gate

Time Gate is a main dungeon area in Shonan. Players must be Level 75 and have completed a quest given by Siran to enter. These dungeons span from Levels 75 to 81.

The Great Blaze.png
Organization! The Kartel.png
Black Crusade.png
Confidential Area.png
Old Screaming Cavern.png
Time Break.png
Time Gate Locations.png