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Basement of Pain

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Basement of Pain
Basement of Pain.png
Location Roschest
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Mandarin of a Hundred Flowers
Basement of Pain Loading Screen


This secret space of the Grim Seekers is hidden under the Bottomless Tunnel. Ominous energy is often released from there. It's rumored that the Grim Seekers' followers fearlessly throw themselves at adventurers to stop them while the Grim Seekers make living sacrifices in the depths of the mine to summon Destruction. Meanwhile, the Adventurer encounters Mandarin of a Hundred Flowers, the archpriestess of the Grim Seekers, in the Basement of Pain.

Dungeon Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 100
  • Daily Entry Limit: None
  • Mode: Normal/Expert/Challenge
    • Expert generates more materials and has higher equipment drop rates than Normal.
  • Adventurer Fame:
    • 7,473 (Normal)
    • 7,743 (Expert)
    • 10,185 (Challenge)
  • Fatigue: 8 (Fixed)
  • Party Mode: Available (Challenge - Solo only)
  • Entry Material: None


Basic Rewards

You can get the following basic rewards from this dungeon.

Special Rewards

Each character can receive Special rewards up to 2 times a day upon clearing this dungeon, in addition to Basic rewards. (Count reset daily at 9:00 a.m.)

Challenge Rewards

Special rewards are not applied in Challenge mode.


Basement of Pain
1 Map E.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:



  • While traversing through the dungeon, the player will encounter three rooms with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling (Rooms B1, C1, and E1). Upon clearing the room and attacking the chandelier, the player will receive the power of the Grim Seeker, and be granted a random blessing and an associated curse.
There are three types of Grim Seeker powers, each with three variations.
The blessings and curses are as follows:
Power Name Blessing/Curse
Spirit of Fanatic Physical/Magical/Independent Atk.: +6/12/18%
Physical/Magical Def.: -6/12/18%
Damage Bonus: +6/12/18%
Physical/Magical Damage Reduction: -6/12/18%
Cooldown: -6/12/18%
Skill MP Cost: +6/12/18%
Mind of Guardian Physical/Magical Def.: +6/12/18%
Move Spd.: -6/12/18%
Physical/Magical Damage Reduction: +6/12/18%
Attack/Cast Spd.: -6/12/18%
All Elemental Resistances: +6/12/18%
HP/MP Recovery: -6/12/18%
Guide's Wandering Attack/Cast Spd.: +6/12/18%
Hit Rate: -6/12/18%
Jump Strength: +6/12/18%
Evasion Rate: -6/12/18%
Move Spd.: +6/12/18%
Hit Recovery: -6/12/18%
  • The random bonus effects of the chandelier increase by a multiple of 6 depending on the chandelier hit.
  • The random bonus effects from Rooms B1, C1, and E1 can be changed up to 7, 5, and 3 times respectively.
  • Hitting the fourth chandelier (Room F1) will lessen the curse penalties by half.
  • Hazard: In the chandelier rooms, platforms around the middle circle may descend revealing spikes or lava, dealing continuous true damage to all targets in the area. Use this to your advantage to deal heavy damage to your opponents.
  • As of the Season 6 Act. 14 - Aeterna Patch:
    • The chandeliers now appear upon entry and cannot be changed when they're hit only once and those various Curse effects, including that forth chandelier to lessen them has been removed.