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Category:Roschest Dungeons

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Land of Memories Loading Screen.png
Location Arad (De Los Empire)
Min. Level 97
Level 97-100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Ash Rosenberg, Kazan-Possessed Rosenberg
Map of Roschest

Roschest or Los Chest is the dungeon area that succeeds the Old Ghent Palace. Its dungeons are accessed from Chest Town which requires the player to be at least level 97 to enter.

Due to recent Imposter sightings in the area, the De Los Empire enlists the help of the Priest Order and adventurers to investigate. While delving deep within the mine, they uncover mysterious Grim Seeker activity and a heinous plot to resurrect Kazan of Destruction in preparation for Ozma's return.


Dungeon Name Level
Land of Memories.png Land of Memories 98-100
Bottomless Tunnel.png Bottomless Tunnel 98-100
Basement of Pain.png Basement of Pain 100
Black Shrine.png Black Shrine 100

Scenario Only

Dungeon Name Level
Land of Memories (Scenario Dungeon).png Land of Memories 97
Bottomless Tunnel (Scenario Dungeon).png Bottomless Tunnel 97
Basement of Pain (Scenario Dungeon).png Basement of Pain 97
Black Shrine (Scenario Dungeon).png Black Shrine 97
Collapsing Shrine (Scenario Dungeon).png Collapsing Shrine 97

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