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Stormy Route

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Future content.png This article is no longer being actively maintained because it contains content that is considered outdated.
Although it may still be in the game, its systems or features have been rendered unnecessary or useless by an update.
Stormy Route
Stormy Route.png
Location The Elrox
Min. Level 96
Level 96 - 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss Varies or No Icon.png Capricious Demon Prion

Stormy Route is a special dungeon located on the The Elrox introduced in Season 6: Act.01 Ascension. This dungeon is essentially a reinforced version of The Plane: Mirror Arad where players travel through a Dimensional Rupture visiting past and presents dungeons alike. Aiolite.png Aiolites & Time's Guide Stone.png Time's Guide Stones are available to obtain here.


The storm that originated from Pandemonium started affecting Empyrean and Arad. The powerful mana released from the source of this storm rips holes in the fabric of spacetime here and there, disrupting the balance among dimensions. The Elrox takes off to investigate this phenomenon, and encounters a mysterious creature in the middle of the storm that threatens its voyage.

Entrance Requirements & Details

  • Accept and clear the Epic Quest Icon.png [Stormy Route] The Philasia's First Destination quest first.
  • Reach Level 96.
  • No materials or entry fee required.
  • Consumes 8 Fatigue Points per entry.
  • All players are required to have at least a minimum of 5,424+ Exorcism to enter. but anyone below the threshold are restricted from entering.
  • Can be played either in Solo or Party mode.

Additional Info

  • Unlike The Plane: Mirror Arad, Stormy Route's dungeon structure is six rooms in total, yet there are two different randomized sections featuring the past and present dungeons with their respective monsters inside being shorten down to only three rooms. However, there is a slight chance that Capricious Demon Prion can be encountered when entering the second half and defeating it also reward players with extra Time's Guide Stone.png Time's Guide Stones.

Dungeon List







  • First Spine & Natram are the only two dungeons that doesn't feature named monsters.