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EX: Noire Ferra

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

EX: Noire Ferra
Location Time Gate - Requiem
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 85-88
End Boss Icon-Phantasmal Delezie.png Phantasmal Delezie


Tragedy has befallen the Dark Elf City of Noire Ferra. A horrible epidemic killed many residents... and turned others into undead monsters. After determining that the Dark Elf alchemist Morgan hid his journal somewhere in the city before he himself was consumed by the epidemic, Klonter has asked that you aid him in locating it, as the journal may contain information about his last days in the City of Noire Ferra. What could possibly have taken place to ruin the once-peaceful Dark Elven homeland?


  • Despite the ancient version being called City of Noire Ferra, the requiem version is referred to as EX: Noire Ferra instead.



No quests found that satisfy the search criteria.


While a relatively simple dungeon compared to other Requiem dungeons, there are still very minor details that are crucial to ensure a smooth run. In addition, many monsters within this dungeon releases a knockback effect upon getting up after falling.

Icon-Dark Elf Militia Commander.png Room 1

The first room begins with Dark Elf Militia Commander as well as five standard Dark Elf Militia, however the captain will immediately spawn two more militiamen. While there are no gimmicks in this room, it is advised to defeat the commander as soon as possible as he will continue to summon more militiamen if given the opportunity. Enemies in this room can also inflict Poison (Status).png Poison (Status).

Icon-Patchwork Dark Elf Zombie.png Room 2

The second room contains a single Patchwork Dark Elf Zombie as well as two pairs of Screaming Dark Elf Zombies and Wailing Dark Elf Zombies. When nearby, the Screaming and Wailing Zombies will merge into a Patchwork Zombie, and given the fact that both pairs are in very close proximity, it is very likely that both pairs will merge immediately. Patchwork Zombies will always start off with a scream attack which will Stun (Status).png Stun (Status) all players on screen (during which they are completely intangible), and then begin dropping rocks that can Stun (Status).png Stun (Status) on impact as well as throwing devastating punches that can send players across the room.

Icon-Grim Seeker Nigrumnex.png Icon-Grim Seeker Candidumnex.png Room 3

The third room only contains Grim Seekers Nigrumnex and Candidumnex, who are located on opposite sides of the room. They move very slowly and throw dark orbs at each other, which can deal massive damage to players since they apply very little hit-stun, allowing players to be hit constantly in a short period of time. In addition, they both posses a Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) barrier that breaks very easily. Upon breaking the barrier, they will instantly fade away back to their original position. Because of this, it's highly advised to use holds or status ailments to prevent them from escaping.

In addition, Nigrumnex and Candidumnex will use their own special attacks if five orbs from the opposite Grim Seeker are absorbed by them; Nigrumnex will continuously spawn stone pillars from the ground that chase the player and Candidumnex will blind the player.

Icon-Grim Seeker Noubillus.png Room 4

The fourth room contains Grim Seeker Noubillus and six Immortal Impostors. Noubillus will often dash around, making him hard to hit without holds. He may begin with a suction-attack similar to Bloody Twister.png Bloody Twister, during which he is completely intangible. The Impostors on the other hand can summon deadly thunderbolts which will track the player which deal massive amounts of damage within contact. They can also be revived if Noubillus stands over their dead bodies. It is highly suggested to use large area of effect skills in order to dispatch the Impostors before they can summon their thunderbolts.

Icon-Deranged Imposter.png Icon-Small Interdimensional Rift.png Room 5

The fifth room contains a Deranged Impostor and an Interdimensional Portal on the right side of the room. In addition, Necroplasm will continuously spawn in the center of the room, which can explode and inflict Poison (Status).png Poison (Status). The rift will also teleport to the opposite side of the room after a certain period of time passes. The Deranged Impostor, similar to the Impostors in the last room, will constantly revive itself so as long as the Rift stands, so it's highly recommended to focus down the portal first.

When the rift is sealed, the Deranged Impostor will immediately die.

Icon-Patchwork Dark Elf Zombie.png Room 6

The sixth room is functionally similar to the second room, however there are many more Zombies and the room is much more narrow. Large, area of effect attacks can make quick work of this room.

Icon-Phantasmal Delezie.png Boss Room

In the final room awaits an illusion of Delezie, serving as the boss of the dungeon. His abilities include:

  • Perform three swift swipes that can knock around the player and deal high damage.
  • Turn into a drill and fly across the room.
  • Can instantly consume anyone in front of himself. Should one be caught, they will cancel any attack and become uncontrollable for a short period. Delezie will eventually spit them out across the room.
  • Begin channeling a much stronger bite attack, which is signaled when he enters a "lunge" stance and the screen darkens. Should he be allowed to completely channel the ability, he will deal massive amounts of damage to anyone caught in the attack.
  • At certain health thresholds, he will sink underground and start chasing the player with protruding spikes. In addition, he will also spawn one or two clones of himself which can also consume and swipe at players. These clones can also heal Delezie for a decent amount.
  • Can occasionally escape attacks by hopping backwards and then lunging forwards. Usually done if hit shortly after emerging from the ground after the aforementioned attack.

It is highly advised to chain together holds throughout the fight, as doing so will prevent Delezie from acting at all. Should he be allowed to move underground, it is suggested to stand at the very top of the map in the center, as Delezie is unable to hit players in that region. It is also advised to dispatch his clones as quick as possible, since they can easily overwhelm the party and chain together attacks (sometimes being impossible to escape from), in addition to the fact that they can continuously heal Delezie so as long as they live. Be sure to be careful before using skills with channel times, as Delezie or his clones can instantly cancel them by eating you.

Legendary Items

No equipment found that satisfy the search criteria.