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Empyrean Revolt

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Empty Palace

Level 90
Quest Giver Marlene Kitzka
Prerequisite Epic Quest Icon.png Plans for the Future
Briefing Marlene Kitzka: "Ah, Adventurer! You came at just the right time. Please come this way. Laini, you too."

Laini: "Adventurer, please come this way. We can't be seen. ... Marlene, this place looks safe. I'll keep watch."

Marlene Kitzka: "Thank you, Laini. I'm sorry, Adventurer, but it'll take a while before you'll be able to receive an audience with Her Highness again--well, actually that's not the problem. I don't want to impose on your kindness, but could you please help us again? If you can, then please go to Zeldine and hear what she has to say. I... I have a dead body to take care of..."

Laini: "..."
Objectives Ask Zeldine about the current situation.
  • Meet Zeldine: 0/1
Upon Completion Zeldine: "Adventurer! Ah, I can't say how glad I am to see you!"
  • Expicon.png 248,904 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Notes {{
  • To access this quest, go to Ghent Palace and click on the rags in the location where Imperial Princess Erje used to be.
  • Requesting a chat with the rags produces the following description: "An expensive-looking hair stick. It was trampled after someone dropped it on the ground."

Emergency Situation

Level 90
Quest Giver Zeldine Schneider
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Zeldine: "There has been an uprising. The insurgents invaded the palace and tried to abduct Her Highness. The Imperial Princess Garden was able to stop them, but at the cost of may lives. More insurgents are outside the palace, demanding we give up Her Highness. They're backed by some members of the nobility and the Imperial Army. They let their thirst for power get the better of themselves, and now they've betrayed their country. They're desperate, now that the war is over and there is a general negative consensus toward them. If they wanted to stay popular, then they should've fought the war, instead of running away from Ghent. ...Anyway, this situation is serious. There are more insurgents than us, and they're determined to overthrow the government. Please fight with us, help us protect Her Highness. Thank you! Then could you join us right away? The leader of the insurgents has been wanting to talk to me. I'll appreciate if you can accompany me to the meeting with him."
Objectives Meet the enemy captain outside Ghent Castle.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering the Boss Room:

Verta: "General Zeldine. Long time, no see."

Zeldine: "Sir Verta. Your family didn't serve this country for many generations so that you could bring disgrace to its name by instigating a rebellion. This is not how you show your fealty."

Verta: "Fealty? I swore my fealty to this country, not to some little girl and old geezer covered in sand. As a member of the nobility, I'm not going to let them ruin my country!"

Zeldine: "Is that why you've betrayed your country? I'm disappointed in you."

Verta: "We're only trying to stop the corrupt leaders from further tormenting our people. The nobility exists to protect the country. Now, if you understand us, please step aside."

Zeldine: "Over my dead body, you traitor!"

Verta: "If you insist on being the princess's watchdog, then so be it."

Upon defeating Verta:

Verta: "Bah, why wasn't I informed the Adventurer was with them?"

Zeldine: "Stop right there! Verta, why do you hate Her Highness so much? If you do, why did you let us bring her back?"

Verta: "...You're clueless, aren't you?"
Upon Completion Verta: "Zeldine, I've always admired you, but I must tell you this: ever since Erje ascended to the throne, we've been at war. While she named herself the Imperial Princess and busied herself raising her authority, the rest of Empyrean suffered from the ravages of war. Our people groaned in pain and hunger. Even you can't deny that. And still, that girl was clueless. She doesn't deserve to rule this country--she doesn't have the ability. She's only good at inviting trouble."

Zeldine: "Look who's talking! It was the Council of Nobility that cut down spending on military health care and pension, and it blamed her for all that went wrong!"

Verta: "You go back and think this over. You're always welcome to join us. The same goes for you too, Adventurer. We and Empyrean don't want to lose you. Think hard about all this."
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Zeldine Schneider accompanies the Player in Room F1.

The Alliance of the Nobility and the Empire

Level 90
Quest Giver Zeldine Schneider
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Zeldine: "The enemy is challenging Her Highness's authority and defaming Commander Eagle Eye to turn the general populace against them. The prolonged war with the Kartels has left our people starved and angry. We won the war, but we gained nothing. People are injured, cities are ruined, and adventurers from the Underworld are causing trouble wherever they go. I understand why the people are agitated. And the Northpiece - Empire Allied Forces are taking advantage of that. They're feeding our people with doubts, that our commander-in-chief is too good to struggle with Anton for so many years, that he must be in league with the Kartels, and that's why he looked the other way when they attacked the capital city, and so on. But the true reason behind all that is because the Commander is from the Lawless District. As embarrassing as it is for me to say as a member of Empyrean, we are not mature as a people to embrace diversity."

Lucas: "I'm sorry, but the enemies are at the castle gate! Please help!"

Zeldine: "Geez, they're not giving us a chance to breathe. Adventurer, please take care of the enemies outside the castle with Captain Tammy."
Objectives Clear outside Ghent Castle.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering the Dungeon:

Tammy: "Hello. I'm Captain Tammy and I came to assist General Zeldine. Nice to meet you, Adventurer."

Upon entering the Boss Room:

High-ranking Imperial Knight: "Ack, you imbeciles, you're embarrassing me! Damn you, Adventurer!"

Tammy: "The Imperial Army is bigger than I thought. I'd better report this."
Upon Completion Zeldine: "You're impressive as ever. Our soldiers are in high spirits, and it is all thanks to you. According to the Captain's report, the Imperial Army is at least a few times bigger than ours. That means we can't let this war go on for too long. Also, the Imperial Army's supplies have doubled, now that it has Northpiece on its side. But not all hope is lost. The Imperial troops stationed here aren't as well trained as Vaughn Walshuted's, and those of the Noble Army are inexperienced. We could use that to our advantage."
Jakter: "Yes, it's too early to give up."
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy accompanies the Player in Room F1.

Carrying Out the Operation

Level 90
Quest Giver Zeldine Schneider
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Zeldine: "You came. How's Her Highness doing?"

Jakter: "She's surprised, but otherwise okay, How's the situation?"

Zeldine: "Not good. Enemies are coming in wave after wave, and the people within the castle wall are losing their faith in us. Can't we call for reinforcements?"

Jakter: "Our communication network has been compromised. Melvin is on it, but all the equipment has been destroyed. It's the same with our arsenal. I wouldn't be surprised if they attacked the Palace just to distract us."

Zeldine: "But then I would've known--oh geez, are there turncoats within the Ghent Garrison?"

Jakter: "I think so."

Zeldine: "I'm sorry! It's my inability as a leader that has put the Palace and Her Highness in danger!"

Jakter: "No. I'm commander-in-chief, and this is my fault. You couldn't have known that the enemy has planted spies among your men. We barely got our country out of war, but now it's started all over again."

Zeldine: "Jurgen must have refused to give up the regency because he was planning all this!"

Jakter: "...No, I don't think he knew. He set things in motion, yes, but I don't believe he orchestrated this."

Zeldine: "Pardon?"

Jakter: "No, never mind. Adventurer, I'm sorry I didn't greet you earlier. I'm kind of busy, as you can see. Thank you for joining us. I feel like I've gained a thousand troops, just having you here. Now, let's move. We repaired the castle wall after the war with the Kartels, but we weren't completely done with the northern gate before this happened. That explains why there are a lot of enemies around that gate. But they could just be a decoy because I've noticed there are more Imperial soldiers with outdated weapons than those with new ones. The Nobility is too prideful to let the army in another nation seize their palace. It'll attack the southern gate since most of our important facilities are near it. Zeldine, go to the southern gate. Adventurer, go to the south gate. There's an old transmitting tower outside that gate that hasn't been used for a while. Take Colonel Lyonir with you and call for reinforcements."
Objectives Exit through the western gate of Ghent and find the old transmitting tower.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering the Dungeon:

Lucas: "Ugh, wh-what do I do? I-I c-can't stop shaking. B-but we're with the Colonel and the Adventurer. W-we'll be okay, won't we?"

Tammy: "I don't know. This place has fewer enemies than anywhere else, but I'm relying on the Colonel and the Adventurer, just like you."

Woon: "Adventurer, thank you for your cooperation. Now, let's move."

Lucas: "A-Adventurer, this is my first time on an actual battlefield. I-I'll try not to burden you too much."
Upon Completion Woon: "Adventurer, are you alright? Guys, how are you?"

Lucas: "I feel like I'm dying... How come all of you look okay?"

Tammy: "You just grew up sheltered like the other children of noble families. You may have joined the Army after the war, but you're a second lieutenant now. Act like one."

Lucas: "Yes, sir. I'm really angry that the nobility is doing this to its own country. I could've joined the Army earlier if it weren't for my mother. I'm ashamed. This is why I really admire you, Adventurer. You showed up all of a sudden and became the hero of Empyrean. You did what I couldn't because I was too scared to disappoint my parents. You're half the reason I joined the Army. The other half is you, Colonel. When I saw you on the newspaper, I was surprised. You weren't just some punk who was younger than I was--you were a war hero!"

Tammy: "...Say that again."

Lucas: "Ack? My apologies, sir! I was surprised such a young man was a war hero!"

Woon: "I see."

Tammy: "...Aww, my head... By the way, Colonel, I didn't see many enemies at the beginning. Is it just me, or is it really getting louder around here? I thought not many people knew the transmitting tower that we want is still in operation."

Woon: "... Adventurer, I'll go first and cut a path. You stay here with these two. Our destination is not too far. Just give me a moment."

Tammy: "No, Colonel, you can't do that alone!"

Woon: "The enemy has yet to establish a chain of command. It'll be easy for me to stir things up by myself. Someone needs to buy some time for this adventurer to finish what we came to do."

Lucas: "But you'll be in danger!"

Woon: "Why are you talking about me? This adventurer is more important than I am. If you have nothing else to say, then I'm leaving now. Take good care of the Adventurer."
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy, Woon Lyonir, and Lucas accompany the Player in Room E3.

To the Transmitting Tower

Level 90
Quest Giver Tammy
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Tammy: "That stubborn jerk, he's trying so desperately to die young! I knew it, but--"

Lucas: "Mm, speaking of which, Captain, may I ask how old you are?"

Tammy: "Do you want to die before him? Get a clue already!"

Lucas: "...A-Adventurer, let's go!"
Objectives Head for the old transmitting tower.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering the Boss Room:

Laini: "...Adventurer, you came. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to see you again."

Lucas: "Did the Imperial Princess Garden send us reinforcements? Thank you for saving the Colonel... Mm? Wait."

Tammy: "...You. What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with Her Highness, to evacuate her should the occasion arise?"

Laini: "You're shrewd."

Lucas: "What happened to the Colonel?"

Laini: "I shot him in the back. He thought I came for backup and let his guard down."

Lucas: "That's because you're a member of the Imperial Princess Garden, you coward!"

Laini: "I'm sorry things have to be this way. It would've been easier if you didn't know who I was."

Tammy: "...Was it you who let the insurgents into the palace?"

Laini: "I was. I had help from some private soldiers of the nobility who infiltrated the Garrison."

Laini: "Adventurer, I don't know what to say to you. This wasn't my plan when I remembered my name and returned to the Palace with your help. I've wanted to repay you, but now we're enemies and I can't back down now. I'm sorry."

Upon defeating Laini:

Laini: "I'm sorry, Adventurer. I know this wasn't what you expected from me when you saved me... I thought everything would be okay once the war ended, but... Many of my colleagues were killed during the palace invasion... And more will die. But I couldn't take this... anymore... I don't hate the Princess... I just wanted to change this... cruel... world..."
Upon Completion Tammy: "Colonel! Colonel!"

Woon: "...Captain..."

Lucas: "I'll give him first aid!"

Woon: "...No... Tell Her Highness... They might not be... traitors... in the Imperial Princess Garden... ..."

Tammy: "Colonel? Colonel! ...He's breathing. He's just unconscious."

Lucas: "When did things go wrong?"

Tammy: "Anyway, now that we're here, we must finish what we came to do. Second Lieutenant Lucas, you know how to use this equipment, don't you? Call for reinforcements now. I'll take care of the Colonel."

Lucas: "Yes, ma'am."
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy and Lucas accompany the Player in Room E3.

Ringleader Revealed

Level 90
Quest Giver Lucas
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Lucas: "...This is not going to work. Someone beat us to it. It's so thoroughly destroyed that there's nothing I can do to fix it."

Tammy: "Bah, the only ones who know about this transmitting tower are supposed to be us and the Imperial Princess Garden. We'd better hurry back. Adventurer, please come with me. Second Lieutenant, bring the Colonel with you. ...Ah, what's that?"

Lucas: "Smoke is coming from the castle! Come on, let's go!"
Objectives Cut a path through throngs of enemies and return to Ghent.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering the Boss Room:

Marianne: "Ah, here comes the hero of Empyrean. What took you so long? You should've been here and watched the gates of Ghent open for us. It was a historical moment."

Lucas: "Marianne Jurgen? You're the daughter of Sir Jurgen."

Marianne: "My father has nothing to do with this. I wasn't going to stay in my father's shadow forever. I'm the next heir of my family--I can decide what's good for my family on my own."

Lucas: "...You're a fool."

Marianne: "Blame those who used the war with the Kartels to their advantage, like Eagle Eye. We can't trust some dreg from the Lawless District with national affairs."

Tammy: "You ran when your country needed you the most. If that's the best excuse you can come up with, then you're not as creative as I thought. You're an embarrassment."

Marianne: "Shut up! You wear a sweaty army uniform and roll around in the dirt all day. What do you know about national affairs?"

Tammy: "What? I tried to respect you because you're your father's daughter, but wake up. Times have changed. Anton has destroyed any chance at realizing the world you're talking about. If you have too much time on your hands, then go help around the hospitals. People were injured trying to protect ignorant nobles like you!"

Lucas: "...Whoa, I've never seen anyone talking back so bravely at a Jurgen before."

Upon defeating Marianne:

Marianne: "Damn it, they're putting up a good fight. Everyone, let's retreat!"
Upon Completion Zeldine: "Adventurer, you're back! I'm so glad! I'm ashamed. While we were busy fighting, some allies of the insurgents opened the castle gate and let them in. As humiliating as it is to say, we have to give up the castle and take Her Highness someplace else safer. By the way, Lyonir...? He's not dead, is he?"

Woon: "I'm... alright... Where's Commander?"

Zeldine: "He's with Her Highness. You'd better lie back down. I'll go right now--"

Woon: "No.. I'll go to the Commander... I want you to surrender..."

Zeldine: "What are you talking about?"

Woon: "The enemy has planted spies... among us... We need to do the same... Schneider... you have a good reputation... They wouldn't treat you... Ugh... lightly... Also, to the people of Ghent... The Royal Army..."

Lucas: "Um, I think the Colonel is trying to say the enemy wouldn't kill you, unless it's willing to take on all of the Royal Army. You should stay here in case we need someone on the inside. I agree with him. The enemy won't trust you completely, but it wouldn't dare harm you. It's risked enough by attacking the Princess and the Commander. It can't afford to kill the person who was instrumental in the defense of Ghent and lose public support."

Zeldine: "...Goddamn it, I can't believe you're asking me to abandon Her Highness and surrender to the enemy! No, I'm the captain of the Ghent Garrison!"
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy accompanies the Player in Room A3.

Friend and Foe

Level 90
Quest Giver Zeldine
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Zeldine: "...But alright, Colonel. You have a point. I can put up with the humiliation if it's to protect Her Highness. Lady Marlene is also here somewhere, trying to buy time for Her Highness to escape. I'll ask her to stay here with me. Where are you going? I think you should surrender and seek treatment yourself."

Woon: "I'm fine... I still have--cough, cough!"

Tammy: "Sigh... I have no choice, do I? This is not the first time the Colonel insists on doing things on his own, anyway. I'm used to it."

Lucas: "Don't worry. We'll take Her Higness and the Commander someplace else safer."

Zeldine: "Well, Adventurer, then we should--huh? You want to go? ...If you said this a year ago, I would've insisted on following you and Her Highness. But now... I'll stay here and do everything I can to help you from here. Adventurer, please be careful. Take good care of those two."
Objectives Go to save Princess Erje and Jackter the Eagle Eye. (This quest cannot be completed if you let Woon Lyonir die.)
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering Room D1:

Sandstorm Varracht: "Hm, Adventurer, finally you're here. What took you so long? Why are you so surprised? You knew people from the Lawless District like me don't like the nobility. I also wanted to teach a lesson to the arrogant Imperial Army from the Underworld. And this little punk here is just making a nuisance of himself."

Arsonist Bentinck: "You still have enough energy to talk, old geezer. Why don't you retire already?"

Sandstorm Varracht: "Tsk, tsk. You brat. I still remember how you slept in the hay and peed in your sleep--"

Upon entering the Boss Room:

Hulk: "Adventurer? You're later than I thought. Oh geez, Lyonir. What happened to you? You look like hell."

Woon: "..."

Hulk: "Are you in so much pain that you can't even talk? You should've stayed in bed. My captain could've taken you in later."

Tammy: "What's a member of the Coast Guard doing here?"

Hulk: "You know why: I want to fight you. Adventurer, are you really going to side with them? This is disappointing. I really like you. Think again, will you? You've chosen the wrong side. Plus, aren't you busy adventuring? Why do you bother yourself with someone else's business? ...Oh, yeah? Well, then we'll have to fight this out. Geez, I really don't want to fight you. I don't know how things went so wrong."
Upon Completion Hulk: "Aww... That hurt. Damn it, one of you is dying on his feet and you're still better than us. Oh well, I did the best I could."

Tammy: "Is the Coast Guard siding the nobility now? But I thought you didn't like them! You said this country needed a change!"

Hulk: "I did, and I have no beef with you. I'm only doing what I'm told."

Tammy: "But.. But.. Finally the war was over, and things were going back to the way they used to be. We fought together to make that happen. I can't believe you shook hands with the nobility and turned your back on your comrades. We've also sworn fealty to Her Highness. Commander Eagle Eye is the commander-in-chief of the armies! How could you do this?"

Hulk: "...The nobility has promised to make this country better. Empyrean is not big enough for all of us. I didn't like that the Princess was letting those nasty ruffians from the Lawless District creep in."

Woon: "I'm also from--cough, cough!--the Lawless District."

Hulk: "Huh? Oh, that's right. I'm not saying I hade everyone from that part of the land. I just don't think the rest of the population is ready for all of you to come invade what belongs to us."

Woon: "..."

Hulk: "You asked why I did this, and I gave you my answer. Now go. You'd better run. You're pretty late."
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy , Woon Lyonir, and Lucas accompany the Player in Room A1.
  • Sandstorm Varracht and Arsonist Bentinck assist the Player in Room D1.

Yesterday's Comrades

Level 90
Quest Giver Tammy
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Tammy: "We've wasted a lot of time. We'd better hurry."

Lucas: "But the Colonel..."

Woon: "..."

Tammy: "...Colonel, we can't move quickly because of you."

Woon: "...I'm sorry--cough, cough!"

Tammy: "Colonel, why don't you stay here? The Adventurer and us'll save those two."

Woon: "...Okay. Adventurer, I'm sorry. Please--cough, cough! Ugh... Adventurer, good luck."
Objectives Go to save Princess Erje and Jackter the Eagle Eye.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering Room C2:

Mue: "Adventurer..."

Cohen: "..."

Tammy: "Coast Guards, are you really going to interfere with us?"

Mue: "Sigh, I don't know how things went so wrong, but we have our orders. We can't let you go."

Upon defeating all enemies in Room C2:

Mue: "I knew we wouldn't be able to stop you, Adventurer, but I didn't think we'd lose so quickly... You were a great comrade when we fought together in the Castle of the Dead... Now you're the greatest enemy I've ever faced..."

Tammy: "I miss that time we fought Anton together."

Mue: "So do I."

Tammy: "..."

Ghent Garrison Soldier: "*Shriek*"

Tammy: "Did you hear that? Adventurer, let's go!"

Upon entering the Boss Room:

Tammy: "Your Highness!"

Imperial Princess Erje: "Do we have reinforcements? Ah, Adventurer, you came!"
Upon Completion Tammy: "Your Highness, are you all right?"

Imperial Princess Erje: "I am. Thank you for coming, Adventurer. And you are...?"

Tammy: "I'm Captain Tammy Lohengrin from the Ghent Headquaters, and this is Second Lieutenant Lucas Wane. Colonel Woon Lyonir has sent us to assist you and the Commander-in-chief. Where is he?"
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy and Lucas accompany the Player in Room A1.
  • 2 Captain Crux APCs assist the Player in the Boss Room.

Save Jackter the Eagle Eye

Level 90
Quest Giver Imperial Princess Erje
Dungeon Ghent Castle Gate
Briefing Imperial Princess Erje: "The Commander used himself as bait, just so I could have enough time to escape. I can't leave him behind. Please help him."

Tammy: "But Your Highness, our priority is your safety."

Imperial Princess Erje: "I have these people with me, but the Commander is alone. Please go help him."

Tammy: "Then Second Lieutenant Lucas, you go with Her Highness. Don't worry about us. Just go! Adventurer, could you come with me? Her Highness is right--we can't lose the Commander."
Objectives Go with Tammy to save Jackter the Eagle Eye.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering the Boss Room:

Tammy: "Commander! Are you oka--Colonel? But how...?"

Hiram: "He came here while you were dilly-dallying. Sigh, this is the moment I've been waiting for, and that half-dead guy is ruining the mood."
Upon Completion Jakter: "You don't need to get into the mood to kill an old man."

Hiram: "You're right, but I still don't want to be interrupted."

<Player>: "...Why?"

Hiram: "Why? that's what I want to ask you. Why are you interfering with this? I would've understood if you were a true hero who would fight for the weak, but you're not--you just like fighting, don't you. Yo're no better than I am."

Tammy: "Stop talking nonsense, you traitor!"

Hiram: "Hey, he's an adventurer. He doesn't take offense from being accused of being aggressive, and that's what I like about him."

Woon: "..."

Hiram: "Don't try anything stupid. I can kill the Eagle Eye more quickly than you can hit me from there. You're dying, anyway. You don't want to gamble on your idol's life, do you now? The same goes for you too, Adventurer. And that angry lady over there. Try anything stupid, and I'll throw the Eagle Eye's corpse to vultures."

Tammy: "Grr..."

Hiram: "Alright, my arms are getting tired. How long are we going to do this? The longer you stay here, the quicker it is for us to find the Princess. You're surrounded by enemies. Now, what's your choice? You can give up the Eagle Eye and challenge me to a fight. In the meantime, my men will continue to search for the Princess. This means you have only one choice."

Jakter: "He's right. What are you doing here? Go save Her Highness."

Tammy: "..."

Hiram: "You're not ready to die yet, are you, Commander? Then how about we chat for a while? I've got an interesting story for you."

Jakter: "What kind of story? Oh, that you killed my daughter?"

Woon: "...!"
  • Expicon.png 1,659,360 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 8,208 Gold
Dungeon Map
Notes {{
  • Tammy accompanies the Player in Room D4.
  • After this quest, Tammy replaces Hiram Klauf's functions in Noblesky. Imperial Princess Erje moves to Noblesky in Jakter the Eagle Eye's previous location. Nevillo Jurgen, Hiram Klauf, Imperial Princess Isadora, and Hound Cyrus move from Jelva to Ghent Palace. NPCs involved in this quest line and the NPCs in Ghent now have alternate Request Chat dialogue.


Level 90
Quest Giver Jakter
Briefing Jakter: "You're impatient to talk about how you killed the children who were fighting the Kartels. That kind of history can't be good for your reputation. Why are you revealing your past that you tried so hard to hide?"

Hiram: "Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed that no one else has found out about it. You're the only one who seems to know the whole story. Since this will be the last time you talk to anyone, I thought I might as well ask you."

Jakter: "Geez, I can never understand psychos like you, but then some killers kill because they want to get caught."

Woon: "...That's... When did you...?"

Jakter: "I'm sorry. I knew you were looking for the children. It wasn't easy, was it? Because I got in the way. By the time I figured out the truth, Hiram was already too valuable to get killed off. I'm sorry I hid this from you."

Hiram: "I see. So you used your daughter's murderer for the greater good. I'm impressed."

Jakter: "Don't be. I just played along with you. By the way, Hiram, what are you waiting for? I know you've called for reinforcements a long time ago. Why are you stalling-- Ah, you're waiting for Jurgen, I see. You're not going to kill me here, are you? Because it has to be Nevillo Jurgen who captures the Eagle Eye."

Hiram: "I've got too many things at risk. It has to be someone else who catches and kills you."

Jakter: "So you're expecting someone else to clean up your mess. One of many things that Anton should've done is kill you."

Hiram: "That's why you sent me to the most dangerous places. I'm disappointed in you, Commander."

Nevillo Jurgen: "Hiram! Captain Hiram! Stop! You can't kill him now!"

Hiram: "Finally, Sir Jurgen is here. I really don't want his lecture, but things are going as planned."

Woon: "...Commander."

Jakter: "What are you still doing here? Go get Her Highness out of here. She knows where to go. Save her at all costs."

Tammy: "...Yes, sir! Adventurer, Colonel, let's go."

Woon: "Wait! Ugh..."

Jakter: "I might not be able to see you again, Woon. I always wanted a daughter and a son. You ended up being the one I didn't have. Well, I like daughters better, but you weren't too bad. Hah hah hah. Goodbye, son. Take good care of Her Highness."
Objectives Go to Noblesky and talk to Princess Erje.
  • Meet Imperial Princess Erje: 0/1
Upon Completion Imperial Princess Erje: "We've arrive safely. Thank you. I couldn't have come this far without you."

Tammy: "You're welcome, Your Highness. Are you uncomfortable in any way?"

Imperial Princess Erje: "...I'd be lying if I say I'm comfortable. People have risen in revolt and the Commadner is in danger because of me. By the way, how are you, Colonel Lyonir?"

Woon: "I'm okay, Your Highness."

Tammy: "No, you're not--you're barely conscious. Sigh... I'm glad Doctor Naen is with us. Thank you for coming to get us."

Naen: "Huh? Um, well... I-I only did what Meryl asked. But... Is it true that the Commander can't join us?"

Imperial Princess Erje: "Doctor Naen, thank you. We wouldn't have lost our pursuers if it weren't for you. Adventurer, I'm sorry that you had to see this. It seems I'm always in a difficult situation whenever we meet. I knew the members of the nobillity weren't happy with me. I thought I could make them like me... or at least I could hid my weaknesses from them. They're more experienced and smarter than I am... I know that now. ...I wonder if all this is happening because I'm the princess. All this... ...No. No, I'm not going to blame myself and give up just yet. I can't betray those who died fighting for me. I can't disappoint the Commander. Adventurer, before this happened, I was considering a system that would reward people according to their contributions to the country and hire government officials based on ability, not based on where they came from or how powerful their family is. The system was still in the budding phase before this happened because of the strong opposition from the nobility. And even though I knew I was taking a lot of risk, I still wasn't going to let those who vested interests interfere with establishing something good for everyone else. I doubt this system can be realized in my generation, but I want to change things, so people wouldn't be judged for something that they can't change. Everyone in Empyrean is valuable in their own way, and my job is to make sure they can enjoy living just the way they are. I've always known there would be resistance. I lost a lot today, and this sense of defeat is more than I can bear, but I won't give up. I admire your perseverance, and it inspires me to be strong. I may not be able to see this system in place before I die, but I want to make sure that it will one day. One day, everyone in Empyrean will be treated equally."
  • Expicon.png 248,904 Exp
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