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Noble Sky Screen.png
Location Empyrean
Level Requirement 85
NPCs Naen Siger, Hiram Klauf, Jakter the Eagle Eye, Woon Lyonir, Brigadier General Navarre
Areas Anton
Slaugh Industrial Complex, Saint Horn

Noblesky is the battleship in pursuit of the Apostle Anton under the command of Empyrean Commander-in-chief Jakter Elrox, the Eagle Eye. Noblesky can be entered via the Gunship in Slaugh Industrial Complex, to the left of Brigadier General Navarre. This area can be entered by level 85+ characters and was formerly used for creating Raids and getting prepared for battle against Anton.


Anton, the Great Destroyer who suddenly appeared near Power Station was prevented from reaching Ghent by the efforts of Jakter the Eagle Eye, Commander-in-chief of the Empyrean Army.

However, his absence from the capital proved costly. When the Kartel, who was at war with the Empire took advantage of the situation and kidnapped the Royal Princess, just as Power Station was recaptured by the efforts of adventurers and Brigadier General Navarre.

Anton being forced to leave the Etten Industrial Complex, headed toward the Castle of the Dead which is located past the Sea of Twilight.

Jakter knew he could not allow Anton to escape to Pandemonium through the Dimensional Rupture. So he pursed Anton in the Noblesky, the ship of the nobleman Jurgen which has been retrofitted for military use.

Now we shall head out to sea and defeat Anton before he reaches the Dimensional Rupture and bring his reign of terror to an end.

Map of Noblesky


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Naen Siger Naen Siger Researcher of 'Seven Shards', Merchant Noblesky
Hiram Klauf Hiram Klauf Empyrean Coast Guard Captain from Etten Noblesky
Jakter the Eagle Eye Jakter the Eagle Eye Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army, Head of the Anton Takedown Operation Noblesky
Woon Lyonir Woon Lyonir Talented Ranger, Adjutant of Jakter the Eagle Eye Noblesky
Imperial Princess Erje Imperial Princess Erje Imperial Princess Noblesky
Tammy Lohengrin Tammy Lohengrin Empyrean Captain Noblesky


Anton is the dungeon area in Noblesky. Players must be level 85 to enter this area.

Source of the Black Smoke.png
Shaking Battleground.png
Durable Leg.png
Naval Cannon Defense.png
Cutting Off the Energy.png
Black Volcano.png
Anton's Heart.png
Anton Normal Dungeon Locations.png