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Great Will

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Great Will.png Great Will

Active Skill

Elven Knight

Command: Leftkey.pngDownkey.pngRightkey.pngSpacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 20
Prerequisite Skills: None


Great Will.png Nullify any status effects on the user. The skill removes Electrocution, Petrification, Bind, Bleeding, Poison, Curse, Freeze, Stun, Blinded, Sleep, Burning, Confusion, Weapon breaks [temporary], Armor breaks. Any other status effect will not be affected.


  • SP per level: 25
  • Cast Time: 0 sec (? sec in Arena )
  • Cooldown: 29.0 sec (? sec in Arena )
  • Number of Hits: ? (? in Arena, ? in Tower)
  • MP -?% Cooldown -?% on Command
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill
  • Skill Level Interval: Every 5 levels


  • Grants immunity to all status effects that can be cleansed for 5 seconds after use

Skill Growth


Lv Level Req Abnormal Resistance Level
1 20 Lv30
2 25 Lv35
3 30 Lv40
4 35 Lv45
5 40 Lv50
6 45 Lv55
7 50 Lv60
8 55 Lv65
9 60 Lv70
10 65 Lv75
11 70 Lv80
12 75 Lv85
13 80 Lv90
14 85 Lv95
15 90 Lv100


Elven Knight Skills
Active:Ancient Boar.png Ancient Boar Ancient Deer.png Ancient Deer Chain Rush.png Chain Rush Change Shield.png Change Shield Elvish Jump.png Elvish Jump Great Will.png Great Will Guardian Riding.png Guardian Riding Impregnable Defense.png Impregnable Defense Lunge Evolution.png Lunge Evolution Natural Restraint.png Natural Restraint Nature’s Protection.png Nature’s Protection Overwhelm.png Overwhelm Pulverize.png Pulverize Rose Armor.png Rose Armor Sentence.png Sentence Vanguard Strash.png Vanguard Strash Verdant Sword.png Verdant Sword War Cry.png War Cry
Passive:Dimension Molter.png Dimension Molter Elven Knight Plate Armor Mastery.png Elven Knight Plate Armor Mastery Unswayable Conviction.png Unswayable Conviction
Awakening:Blessing of Mother Nature.png Blessing of Mother Nature Faithful Breakthrough.png Faithful Breakthrough Harbinger of Life.png Harbinger of Life Pegasus Assault.png Pegasus Assault
2nd Awakening:Chain Strike.png Chain Strike Nature's Fury.png Nature's Fury Shield of Courage.png Shield of Courage Twilight Unicorn.png Twilight Unicorn

Knight Skills
Active:Disarm.png Disarm Finish!.png Finish! Intercept.png Intercept Lethal Punto.png Lethal Punto Lion Kick.png Lion Kick Quick Summon- Voras.png Quick Summon: Voras Shield Defense.png Shield Defense Shield Uppercut.png Shield Uppercut Stark Shield.png Stark Shield Tech Tree- Demon Soldier.png Tech Tree: Demon Soldier Wheel of Fate.png Wheel of Fate
Passive:Defense Stance.png Defense Stance Defensive Instinct.png Defensive Instinct

General Skills
Active:Ancient Memory.png Ancient Memory Backstep.png Backstep Indomitable Spirit.png Indomitable Spirit Leap.png Leap Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound
Passive:Basic Armor Mastery.png Basic Armor Mastery Basic Training.png Basic Training Conversion.png Conversion Latent Power.png Latent Power Magical Critical.png Magical Critical Magical Rear Attack.png Magical Rear Attack Physical Critical.png Physical Critical Physical Rear Attack.png Physical Rear Attack Throw Mastery.png Throw Mastery