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Keening Hilder
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Second Apostle
Alias N/A
Location Pandemonium
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Everything shall be as it should be.

Hilder, also known as Keening Hilder, is the second Apostle of Pandemonium. She is known for being the first person to utilize magic through the power of nature and her direct involvement with many historic moments throughout Arad and Empyrean.


Lore Excerpt:

Living in the Mole Valley in the south of Brooklyn I don't like to show up in front of strangers.
She has witnessed the demise of a beautiful and prosperous world and has witnessed the death of her dear family.
It is said that she has lived in the Devil for a long time and she is the first person to apply the power of nature to "magic".
For many years in order to restore the former world to the prosperity of the devil she has been making unremitting efforts. In fact she is already the master of the devil.


Hilder originates from the planet Terra, but was teleported to Pandemonium after the destruction of her home planet. Since then, Hilder has been attempting to recreate Terra through the use of the Apostles' energy and Arad. To accomplish this, she has manipulated humans across Arad and Pandemonium to kill the other Apostles for their energy, since Apostles are unable to hurt each other.

Iris Fortunesinger was one such victim. By directly lending Iris her powers and controlling her body, she was able to orchestrate many key events, such as the Great Blaze of Grand Flores and the subsequent extinction of the elves, the founding of the Kartels, and support for secret Imperial experiments.

She is also responsible for the release and death of various lesser Apostles throughout Arad, such as the release of Apostle Delezie in Reshpon, Sirocco in the Screaming Cavern, and Lotus on top of Behemoth.

Many of the feats performed by the Adventurer were also directly due to Hilder's will. Her blessing allows the Adventurer to slay Apostles Delezie, Luke, and to an extent Bakal, Michael, and Ozma in the Otherverse. In addition, through Iris, Hilder grants the Adventurer the means to resist and defeat Apostle Lotus and save the GBL. She also granted the Male Mage a second chance at life and newfound powers — the Abyss.


  • Her name is derived from the name Hild, formed from Old Norse hildr, meaning "battle". Ironic since she lets others do the fighting for her while she reaps from the benefits of it. Or it could be referring to how she intends on restoring her old world through the violent ends of her fellow Apostles via a proxy like the Adventurers.
  • Hilder's attire first appeared in costume form for Male Gunner in Apostle's Descendant Avatars, then later Advent of Apostles for Female Mage.



Hilder Full Portrait.jpg Hilder Concept Art.jpg Hilder.png Hilder Apostle Set Cut-in.png




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