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Sirocco the Intangible
Portrait- Sirocco.png
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Sex Female
Race Unknown
Affiliation Apostles of Pandemonium
Occupation Fifth Apostle
Alias The One Who Has Hundreds of Faces, Yet None of Them is Visible
Sirocco, the Shapeshifter
The Queen
The Wind-borne Flower
Location Screaming Cavern
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A
After I die, the one who is able to hold a thousand weapons shall appear...

...Then, the one who sheds dirty blood shall appear in the center of the world, bringing death with him...

Sirocco, Intangible Sirocco, Sirocco the Intangible, or Sirocco, the Shapeshifter is the Fifth Apostle of Pandemonium (a.k.a. The One Who Has Hundreds Of Faces, Yet None of Them is Visible.). She is the first Apostle transferred to the Arad Continent and is responsible for the events that occur in the Screaming Cavern, the indirect creation of the Grim Seekers, and the powers of the Demonic Lancer. She is a being that moves freely in warm areas, absorbs massive amount of energy from her surroundings and is able manipulate her shape, the minds of others, and the world around her at will.


Prior to the events of the main story, Sirocco was one of the many beings of Gallabaddon, a planet where every creature is heavily endothermic, requiring them to absorb massive amounts of energy (light and/or heat) from their surroundings to survive. This caused many of the natives to fight each other for energy. On one such occasion, Sirocco fought and won against the being known as The Seven Mistral, confining her in an icy prison.

Upon the arrival of Pandemonium near her home planet, Sirocco left for reasons unknown and joined Hilder's journey across the universe to find the "Apostles". Eventually, Sirocco, upon defeating many adversaries, was granted the title as the 'Fifth Apostle of Pandemonium'. While she was there, she fought and lost to the Fourth Apostle, Kasijas the Conqueror, and frequently fought with the Seventh Apostle, Flame Eater Anton, for energy in the Metro Center.

Sirocco defeated by the Blade Masters

In Arad Year 977, Sirocco was confronted by Hilder and was sent through an Interdimensional Rift. But prior to leaving Pandemonium, she was able to glimpse in Hilder's mind and saw her plan of Genesis, the prophecy of the Apocalypse. Soon after, Sirocco was transferred from Pandemonium to the Arad Continent in the Screaming Cavern, a huge cave deep underground the area of Grand Flores. Upon being cut from her energy supply, unable to move freely, and isolated in a dark, cold environment, Sirocco rapidly weakened, causing her to go through a mental breakdown and began slaughtering the inhabitants of the cavern. Some of the creatures escaped, spreading into neighboring areas and terrorizing its citizens. Upon Sirocco's arrival in the area, the notorious screaming echoes from the Screaming Cavern ceased. In addition, an outbreak of the Kazan Syndrome occurred. Many new alien creatures appeared out of nowhere within Grand Flores, and the native creatures and flora began to mutate into monsters, marking the beginning of the phenomenon called the "Metastasis".

The De Los Empire hearing news of the phenomenon, sent a reconnaissance party to investigate on what caused the Nugols to flee from the cavern. But before it could even set foot into the cavern, it was annihilated by a creature who called itself, "Apostle Sirocco". The Empire, upon learning of their fate, set up a bounty for those who would kill the creature, believing it to be the source of the Metastasis. As a result, many warriors and mages flocked to the Screaming Cavern for wealth and glory.

In Arad Year 981, a second expedition was sent to investigate, filled with many famous individuals. From the De Los Empire came Vaughn Walshuted of the Iron Wolves, High Spectress Renee, Linus and Kane of the Mist. From the Principality of Bel Myre came the wandering Gray Slayer, Zanbato Aganzo, from Shonan came Master Siran and his disciple Woo, and from the Bantu came Bwanga. By the time the individuals encountered Sirocco, she had gone completely insane. She managed to kill many of the opponents that challenged her including Renee and Kane, but in the end only four were left. Sirocco was ultimately defeated by the hands of the Four Legendary Blade Masters.

Upon being killed, Sirocco uttered the following words:

"After I die, a being who is able to hold a thousand weapons shall appear."

~~Sirocco's final words.

Although these words hinted at revealing Hilder's plot, nobody at the time understood what they meant. Upon her death, Sirocco's body exuded an energy that distorted space and time, indirectly granting Siran the ability to travel through the Time Gate. In addition, some parts of her scattered body replicated those remaining in the cavern, creating shadow duplicates of the Four Blade Masters to wander with belligerence around the continent. Thus afterward, the event called the "Screaming Cavern Incident" was over, and the Four Blade Masters were regarded as national heroes.

Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.
Sirocco defeated by Roxy.

However, this was not the whole story. In the original storyline released between Seasons I-IV, there were actually five warriors who fought in the final confrontation against Sirocco; the fifth warrior being a Dark Elf Berserker named Roxy. As the battle progressed, the warriors eventually succumbed to Sirocco's seemingly endless power, leaving them defenseless. But as Sirocco readied an attack toward Aganzo, Roxy broke the restraints on her Ghost Arm and gave into the full effects of the Kazan Syndrome.

While in a Frenzy, Roxy delivered a decisive blow on Sirocco, seemingly killing her. But at the same time, Roxy gave her life up in the process. However, with the arrival of Season V: Origin, the main story was re-written. Due to unknown reasons, everyone related to the event seemingly "forgot" her existence. Their memories were re-written to believe that the Four Blade Masters had defeated Sirocco. It is unknown whether or not this was truly intended or caused by Sirocco. As the original events that unfolded afterward resulted in Roxy's sacrifice being overshadowed by the survival of the four. The only ones who remembered Roxy was Aganzo, Siran, Vaughn, Bwanga, Linus, and Woo. Aganzo, in particular, grieved Roxy's death the most, going through an endless cycle of self-pity and depression while drowning his sorrows in alcoholism.

With the introduction of the Season V storyline, the only person to seemingly remember Roxy was Aganzo, due to their past relationship, but was only able to recall the existence of a fifth member. As time progresses, his memories along with those involved with the incident slowly begin to return.

Sirocco Post Mortem

Sirocco's spirit finding a new host body.

Although Sirocco was believed to have been slain, the Metastasis continued, but on a greater scale, spreading across the continent. Remnants of her spirit lived on. Her body was destroyed but parts her spirit containing her memories roamed freely around the Arad Continent searching for host bodies. Within the Screaming Cavern, parts of her spirit attached to the seven individuals who would later create the organization known as the Grim Seekers in Arad Year 983. Many of the other individuals who received Sirocco's powers were taken as slaves and made into gladiators to fight in the Imperial Arena of the De Los Empire. These individuals came to be later known as the Demonic Lancers.

After Sirocco's defeat, the Screaming Cavern was sealed to contain her lingering presence, and the native Nugols began to re-populate the area. Many years later, a grave-robbing gang called the Crime Buffaloes had been sighted in the area of Grand Flores and had re-opened the cavern to dig up relics. Sensing an upcoming danger, Linus hired adventurers to stop them. However, by the time the adventurers arrived, it was too late. In their greed, the Crime Buffaloes unearthed and reawakened a slumbering manifestation of Sirocco that took the form of the Evil Sword Aphopis.

"Hahaha, thanks to you, I was able to regain consciousness."
"You are the ones who let me out! Hehehe! I will allow you to be my servants."

During this time, Sirocco used her powers to mind control the Crime Buffaloes as well as manipulate the inhabitants and corpses of the Screaming Cavern. To which, all were defeated by the adventurers. Backed into a corner and with no one left to possess, the sword flees to an unknown location. Before leaving, a silhouette of Sirocco appears, saying the words:

"Don't think this is over... I will wait for you... in a more powerful body..."

Note: The story containing the Evil Sword Aphopis in the Screaming Cavern was added in the Infinite Equilibrium 2017 patch and was eventually removed with the Otherverse/Ancient Dungeon Revamp in the 2018 Summer Update - The Big Picture.

Sirocco's Resurrection

He was defeated by five sets of hands.
He lay cold on the ground.
With the eyes of a snake, he sees you.
His memories scattered everywhere.
By the sacrifice of seven
They will be reunited as one.
Then, the forgotten will be remembered.
Those who forgot will then grieve.
He who has hundreds of faces
For he desires what is above the head.
Turns away from the massive storm.
Secludes himself in the abyss.
Heads for the path led to the sky.

~~A Grim Seeker's Prayer, Bottomless Tunnel

In Arad Year 1006, with the emergence of a Dimensional Storm in Arad, the moderates of the Grim Seeker organization initiated their plan to resurrect the Apostles and prevent the prophecy of the Apocalypse. To resurrect Sirocco, the seven founders and their followers made their last stand at the Altar of Truth within The Oculus sanctum of the Abyssal Sky Tower. There, they fought against the newly formed West Coast Alliance and sacrificed themselves to release Sirocco's spirit from their bodies, allowing her to once again manifest a physical form. Thereafter, with motives unknown, she fled from The Oculus, and started to ascend the Sky Tower, heading toward Enpyrean.

"To be awakened by your will... How truly repulsive."

~~Sirocco, after being resurrected.

As an Enemy


  • "Your feeble blades are a joke and are of no use! Now, feed my power!"
  • "You've finally awakened me, my child. Accept my strength. Become one with me." ~ Sirocco to the Demonic Lancer


Shade of Sirocco
Upon reviving the corpse of Kane beneath the earth; Skull Kane replies:

"Oh Sirocco! You just won't let me rest peacefully."

Upon entering the boss room, the sword possesses the corpse of a Giant Nugol. After it is defeated, a shade of Sirocco appears briefly, possessing the sword before flying off, stating:

"Don't think this is over... I will wait for you... in a more powerful body..."


Sirocco Original Art

Sirocco Apostle Art

Sirocco Apostle Art (Uncensored)

Sirocco Apostle Awakening Cut-in

Sirocco's NPC Art in DnF: Mobile

Sirocco post-resurrection



  • Her name comes from a hot and dry southeastern Mediterranean wind out of the Sahara Desert, befitting her preference for anything heat-related.
    • In the Nexon-DFO localization, it was spelled as Siroko.
  • In Sirocco Raid, she has three alternate boss forms: Leveche (Spanish), Ghibli (Arabic), and Leste (Madeira) as each of which is named after a sirocco in the Mediterranean.


  • Sirocco's design could possibly take inspiration from Raven Darkhölme/Mystique of the X-Men franchise, and may share a few similarities in which:
    • They both have the ability to shape-shift.
    • Red hair.
    • Yellow eyes.
    • While Mystique has blue skin, Sirocco's wields a more, purple-ish tone.


  • The Seven Mistral, Wrecking Haboob, & Tra and Tana all share a wind-naming motif along with the Apostle.
  • The home world's name, Gallabaddon, looks to be a portmanteau of Gall which involves abnormal growths in plants and animals and the Hebrew word "Abaddon" for Destruction. While in the Global version, Gall was replaced with "Zual" which is Nepali for Vast or deep.
  • The structure behind Sirocco Raid's dungeons is heavily based on the Sephiroth Tree of Kabbalah.
  • The number three looks to play a major role during her Raid, as Sirocco's symbol is based on a triple spiral known as the Triskelion in which:
    • Levche, Leste and Ghili. (Aspects of her personality)
    • The Fusion Epic Equipment obtained there, also comes in three pieces. (Pants, Sub Equipment and Ring)


  • Although she's not mentioned by name, Sirocco does takes on an antagonistic role in Arad Senki: Slap up Party, a 2009 anime adaptation of DFO.