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IsadoraIcon.png Isadora
Age 32
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation GBL Librarian, Equipment Merchant
Alias N/A
Location Behemoth, Mirror Arad
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Isadora is first encountered as an enemy in Outer Temple Wall, having succumbed to Apostle Lotus's mind control. She inevitably dies to the Adventurer's hands.

In Mirror Arad however, a counterpart of Isadora appears and resides on the Behemoth. She is the Head Librarian of the GBL and is a very powerful mage. She's knowledgeable in just about everything in the world, from just about everything related to Arad to even Dark Elf magic, she knows it well. She still manages to be amiable, good-natured and respectful to others, especially towards Ophelia Bagrans. She has taken interest recently into the Iced Wall of Resignation and wants to study it. Her endless passion for knowledge has left her with artifacts that she'll be willing to trade with the adventurer in exchange for certain materials.


  • Epic Quest Giver.




Item Level Binding Cost


Request Chat

  • It's not known who built this ancient site atop Behemoth, when they did it, or why.
We just think it's a legacy left behind by some ancient race that was more advanced than we are now.
  • Our leader is still a girl, but she's the only reason GBL still stands.
If it weren't for her, I could have died or succumbed to Lotus's mind control.
  • I like being a member of GBL, but this mask is too damn heavy.
It also makes me sweaty on hot days like this.


  • Do you have a new story to tell me?
  • The world is question in which we have not solved.
  • As the Head GBL Librarian, I welcome you.

Conversation start

  • I'm wondering whether this conversation has started.
  • Knowledge is in the book, knowledge will be your strength.
  • The quest for knowledge is one of man's basic needs.

Conversation end

  • Always remember the GBL's dogmatic teachings.
  • I will try not to bore you next time.
  • I hope that my knowledge helps you.


  • Isadora's name is of Greek origins meaning gift of Isis, being derived from a few compound of words Isídōros that also includes the Egyptian Goddess herself.
  • She is dressed up as Apostle Sirocco for Halloween events.



Isadora as an enemy in the original AradHer Metastasis/Mirror Arad appearance


Isadoranpc.gif Summer Halloween as Sirocco Christmas Lunar Festival

As an Enemy

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Icon-Isadora.png Isadora


Type TypeHuman.png
Family GBL
Level unknown
Dungeons Outer Temple Wall (Scenario Only)
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Isadora in-game portrait


Summons wisps and naias. Launches meteors. Can summon a giant fireball that can harm players near it. If players are hit by it, they will take a lot of damage.

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