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Lemidios (레미디오스), or Remy Dios, is one of the many gods created by the Great Will in the Genesis of Creation. A being of many titles, Lemidios is most commonly referred to as the 'God of Light'[1] or the 'God of Life'[2], and is the god worshipped by the Priest Order.




  • Lemidios has two items named after him, Remy's Touch.png Remy's Touch and Remy's Sparkling Touch.png Remy's Sparkling Touch.
  • The 'lemi' in 'Lemidios' may originate from the word 'lumen' in Latin which, when used in poetically, means 'the light of life'.
  • The 'dios' in 'Lemidios' has Latin roots in the word 'deus' which means 'God'.
  • As Lemidios is the God of Light and Life, his counterpart is Usir, the God of Darkness and Death.


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