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Lotus's Lair

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Lotus's Lair
Lotus's Lair.png
Location Inverted Waterfall
Min. Level 62
Level 62-65
Monster Level 65
End Boss Icon-Lotus.png Lotus


Apostle Icon-Lotus.png Lotus has resurrected. Having broken out of GBL's seal, Lotus controlled the mind of the giant creature Behemoth to make it sink itself into the ocean, and then he recovered his full strength. Many members of GBL already succumbed to Lotus's mind-controlling power. If this continues, all of Arad will fall under Lotus's influence. Eliminate Lotus before he reaches Arad. The future of Arad rests on your shoulders.


The Icon-Lotus.png Lotus Boss Fight is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Lotus will sit in the background and will shoot his tentacles through the floor. Players must hit the tentacles in order to damage Lotus. He will continuously use his brainwashing to put players to sleep and summon two invulnerable No Icon.png Delirious Illusions. If the player is wearing the Hyper Jammer.png Hyper Jammer, the sleep duration will be reduced and one of the ghosts will be killed.
  • Phase 2: When Lotus reaches about 50% HP, he will drag the entire level into the Ocean. He will then appear on the right side and gain entirely new attacks. Unlike Phase 1, he can be hit directly and the fight can even end right here if you do enough damage to him.
  • Phase 3: When Lotus reaches about 20% HP, will drag the level back up to the surface. This nearly identical to Phase 1 but he has some new attacks now.


Map LotusNest.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:




Boss Unique Items

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