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Luke Rinje

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Luke Rinje
Luke Rinje.png
Location Castle of the Dead
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 88
End Boss Icon-Giant Argos.png Giant Argos


The Castle of the Dead wasn't visible to Hilder because Luke Rinje from the theoptics research centerused a giant speculum to reflect light in such a way that the castle became invisible. The speculum was big enough to catch even the smallest amount of light and deliver it to Luke, helping him recover his full strength. After the Castle of the Dead became attached to Empyrean, the speculum started gathering so much light that Luke's creatures could barely survive. Luke needed a creature of darkness to neutralize the light of Empyrean, and among Luke's creatures of darkness, Icon-Giant Argos.png Argos has the highest tolerant to light. He equipped Icon-Giant Argos.png Argos with small speculums and solved all his problems.



1 Map SE.png Map EW.png Map SW.png
2 Map NS.png Map Blank.png Map NS.png
3 Map NE.png Map SEW.png Map NW.png
4 Map Blank.png Map NE.png Map SW.png
5 Map Boss.png Map EW.png Map NW.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
ArgosLeatherBelt.png Argos Leather Belt Leather Belt 85 P. Def. +836
STR +79
VIT +79
SPR +26
Shadow Resist +14
Light Damage +14
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
ShadingSwitchgear.png Shade Switchgear Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5069
STR +39
VIT +96
Light Resist +14
Shadow Damage +14
ArgosBonesDecor.png Argos Bone Decoration Wand Wand 85 P. Atk. +759
M. Atk. +1080
I. Atk. +561
INT +64
Inflict Shadow Damage
Shadow Damage +20
Magic Critical Chance +5 %
Black Web Skill Lvl + 1
Vallacre the Slaughterer Skill Lvl +
ErodedLightBeads.png Eroded Light Rosary Rosary 85 P. Atk. +846
M. Atk. +1080
I. Atk. +561
INT +140
Inflict Light Damage
Casting Speed +5 %
Light Damage +18
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Lightning Amulet Skill Lvl + 1
White Tiger Skill Lvl + 2
Holy Amulet Skill Lvl + 2
Giant Steam Gauntlets.png Giant Steam Gauntlets Gauntlets 85 P. Atk. +1194
M. Atk. +846
I. Atk. +561
STR +156
Hit Rate +1 %