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Nightshade sprite.gif

Type TypeDemon.png
Family Hell Demon
Level unknown
Dungeons Hell Mode (Insane):
Time Gate dungeons
Power Station dungeons
Drops unknown
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The Earth Hell Demon. Generally the most melee friendly of the bunch. Specializes in using Plants and Insects to attack.

Move List

  • Drain Aura: Decreases MP Regeneration to 0 when close to Nightshade.
  • Summon Aukuso: Summons a Hellflower Aukuso; can shoot out Confusion Gas and Poisonous Insects, as well as attack from range.
  • Shoot Bug: Shoots a bug from his hand; easily avoidable as flies in a straight line. Will explode after a certain duration.
  • Vine Capture: Can summon vines that immobilize you in place. These can be destroyed.
  • Seed Spread: Nightshade sprinkles seeds in an area around him that grow into Hellflower Aukusos. After about a minute, if they haven't been killed, they will then become Meinahrut (Succubus-type monster) whose attacks can immobilize you.
  • Summon Sun: Summons a large Sun; it can accelerate the growth of Nightshade's seeds. Nightshade will only use this attack once he's fallen below 1/2 of his max health.
  • Attacks can cause Immobilize. Nightshade's Immobilize status has an added effect of draining health for the duration of the effect.


  • Nightshade is slightly easier than his brethren, so you should not have too much trouble soloing him.
  • Meinahrut can cause major problems if you are a class that uses a lot of Light or Ice attacks (e.g. Nen Master) as they absorb Light and Ice elemental attacks.
  • Destroy the Hellflower Aukusos as quickly as possible. If they overpopulate the field, it will be very difficult to maneuver and attack Nightshade. You will also be inflicted with Confusion (Status).png Confusion (Status) or Poison (Status).png Poison (Status) constantly if there's too many Hellflowers on the field at once.
  • The sun reduces the growing time of Hellflowers greatly, making them hatch into Meinahrut more quickly. When Nightshade reaches this point of the battle, he tends to spam Seed Spread more often in an attempt to overwhelm you with Hellflowers. Keep the number of Hellflowers in check.
  • Vine Capture will cancel the attack used to destroy them (e.g Gun Dance, Wild Shot). Use a weak attack to free yourself to avoid wasting the cooldowns of powerful spells.
  • Nightshade and his plants are weak against Fire damage.
  • Consider bringing items that provide Immobilize tolerance (such as The Blue Grails found in GBL-type Another Arad dungeons). Many of Nightshade's and his summons' attacks can cause the Immobilize effect. You may be immobilized repeatedly and unable to move if he has a lot of summons active on the field at once.