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Bottomless Tunnel

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Bottomless Tunnel
Bottomless Tunnel.png
Location Roschest
Min. Level 98
Level 98-100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Nilvas Gracia
Bottomless Tunnel Loading Screen


The Land of Memories has a massive tunnel that leads deep underground, and it used to produce the blood-colored ores that are only found in the area. Currently, it's swarming with monsters that sprang up all of a sudden. These creatures wander about the things that the miners left behind in their rush to escape the monstrous invaders. The Adventurer follows the mine railway to look for the Grim Seekers, and encounters a mysterious Imposter.

Dungeon Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 98-100
  • Daily Entry Limit: None
  • Mode: Normal/Expert/Challenge
    • Expert generates more materials and has higher equipment drop rates than Normal.
  • Exorcism: 5,168 (Normal)/5,363 (Expert)/5,935 (Challenge)
  • Fatigue: 8 (Fixed)
  • Party Mode: Available (Challenge - Solo only)
  • Entry Material: None


Basic Rewards

You can get the following basic rewards from this dungeon.

Special Rewards

Each character can receive Special rewards up to 5 times a day upon clearing this dungeon, in addition to Basic rewards. (Count reset daily at 9:00 a.m.)

Challenge Rewards

Special rewards are not applied in Challenge mode.


Bottomless Tunnel
1 Map E.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




  • The background where Nilvas fought at in Bottomless Tunnel is inspired by a real-life Bulgarian Cave known as Prohodna known for the two eye-like holes in its ceiling, known as God's eyes.
  • Upon clearing the rooms, random verses of two Grim Seeker prayers can be heard in the wind each referring to the resurrection of Sirocco and Ozma, respectively.
Grim Seeker Prayer 1:

He was defeated by five sets of hands.
He lay cold on the ground.
With the eyes of a snake, he sees you.
His memories scattered everywhere.
By the sacrifice of seven
They will be reunited as one.
Then, the forgotten will be remembered.
Those who forgot will then grieve.
He who has hundreds of faces
For he desires what is above the head.
Turns away from the massive storm.
Secludes himself in the abyss.
Heads for the path led to the sky.

Grim Seeker Prayer 2:

In the darkness, he sees you.
His fiery gaze set upon you.
Along with the eyes of those who put him to sleep.
Everyone who stands on the black land
They will belong to him.
He shouts in anger,
I died before.
Growing from his head
Horns as strong as iron
Black blood runs through the land.
Those who can't hear the god's voice
Grow suspicious of their families and neighbors.
In the end, they will kill each other.
It will be like Hell on earth.