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Teida Beonarr

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Teida Beonarr
Age 30
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Order of Priests
Occupation Monk
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre
Lemidia Basilica
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:
테이다 베오나르 Teida Beonareu, "Teida Beonarr"

Chinese Ver.:
泰达·贝欧纳 Tàidá·Bèiōunà, "Teida Beonarr"

Japanese Ver.:
テイダ・ベオナル Teida・Beonaru, "Teida Beonarr"
Likeability Enabled

Teida Beonarr is a descendant of Wolfgand Beonarr and member of the Order of Priests. He is an upholder of "absolute justice" and believes that all Imposters should be eradicated regardless of their humanity.


Character Biography:

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth..."

Male. Age 30.
An inhumanely strong Monk rumored to have crushed rock with a single swing of his fist.

One of the Four Archpriests, and a descendant of Wolfgand Beonarr of the Holy Five.
Because he looks and sounds tough, people are easily intimidated by him.
He can't seem to hide his desire to annihilate Imposters, and this has put him at odds with Oberith.

"All evil should be punished without hesitation. Even if it's your own family."
   —— Teida, to Oberith







  • Teida's name is derived from Téide of Irish origins as a unisex name meaning either Great, King or Red.
  • His surname Beonarr could likely be a mispelling of Bernhard or the Old English reflex Beornheard from West Germanic and French origins meaning Brave as a bear, befitting to his character.
  • An unique battle axe is named after him.


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