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Lemidia Basilica

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Lemidia Basilica
Lemidia Basilica Loading Screen.png
Location Arad Continent
Level Requirement N/A
NPCs Magar Rosenbach, Grandis Gracia, Shinjang, Teida Beonarr, Oberith Rosenbach
Areas N/A
Hendon Myre

Lemidia Basilica (레미디아 바실리카) is the highest cathedral of the Priest Order founded by Saint Michael over 700 years ago after the Black Crusade. It is located in the Principality of Bel Myre's capital, Hendon Myre, and is currently led by Archbishop Magar Rosenbach.

In the Dimensional Plane: Mirror Arad, Lemidia Basilica was destroyed by the explosion created by the Great Metastasis. Lemidia Kathedra was constructed in the Dark Elf Kingdom capital Underfoot to honor its legacy.


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Notable Members