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Hello, I am Dfoplayer.

  • The best way to contact me is through my talk page.

I am an administrator here. I no longer play DFO but monitor the recent changes to make sure this wiki is clean and oiled properly. You can contact me on the dfo discord, located on sidebar.

Tabs Template

2012 Christmas Event Poem One of the good things Nexon NA did was
Twas about 2 weeks before X-Mas, and all through the house, Everyone was waiting at their keyboard and mouse.
The goblins were violent and some had turned red, With visions of Dungeon Fighters all being dead.
Then all the sudden, there arose such a clatter, Santa was cursing, what was the matter?
“My Snowmen were stolen, both big ones and small. Go into the Dungeons, find monsters, kill all!”
Could it be, men of snow gave X-Mas its cheer? TLDR a new loot event is here!
Collect Snowmen in Dungeons and once you get fifty, Turn them in to Santa, for an Avatar! Nifty!

Copyright Nexon and Neople ©2012. All rights reserved. No Copyright Infringement Intended. For Entertainment Uses Only.

Test mouse-over box

Neople has announced that a server maintenance would go off at

6:05pm PDT

. This sentence uses


Neople has announced that a server maintenance would go off at

6:05pm PST

. This sentence uses


Soundtrack downloads

Things to do

  • For some reason, many TP skills have unbalanced brackets. Skill tables should end with " |}".
  • I love summoners. I hope to add skill information, if I have time.
  • This is an important category to monitor. Category:Pages with too many expensive parser function calls.
    • It means that Template:IconLink, which uses #ifexist, is approaching a limit 100 expensive parser calls per page. We should try to move to semantic wiki to fix the problem. (March 2016)
    • As of 6/28/2019, we also found out that Template:Item was also useing #ifexist and was overloading during shop lists. I have changed it to use semantic queries, but the page does take longer to load
    • Kinda fixed both?

There are atleast 62 pages requesting deletion

Semantic errors

  • See special page "Processing error list" on this very wiki to see a list of processing errors.
    • At first, I thought location in NPCs and Infobox_Dungeon templates was breaking, but there are other pages as well.

Easy access to my test templates

DPL version to select

Too many to manually paste. Just query the wiki

Test DPL table

Still working on sorting by lvl

Proposed Format

Current Format

Nexon Format

Summoner TP Skills

Icon Name
Lesser Spirit Upgrade.png Summon Spirit Upgrade
Mark the Target! Upgrade.png Mark the Target! Upgrade
Big Sis Louise Upgrade.png Big Sis Louise! Upgrade
File:EXEcheIcon.png Spirit King Echeverria Upgrade
Common Spirit- Selist.png Intermediate Spirit: Selist
Common Spirit- Ratria.png Intermediate Spirit: Latria
Common Spirit- Sheyd.png Intermediate Spirit: Shade
Common Spirit- Alicia.png Intermediate Spirit: Alicia
File:EXSandorIcon.png Hired Summon: Angry Black Knight Sandor


Useful Things

Easy categorize

I allowed the gadget Hotcat and cat-a-lot to be used by all users. To enable, go to your preferences and find the gadgets tab on the far right.

 Please do not abuse this right.