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Test skill page

Dark Moon.png Dark Moon

2nd Awakening Active Skill


Command: Rightkey.pngLeftkey.pngRightkey.pngSpacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 75
Prerequisite Skills: None


Turns the eclipse behind the Summoner into a Dark Moon. Dark Moon synchronizes with all summoned minions, absorbing damage and status abnormalities. Damage done with Spirit Sacrifice.png Spirit Sacrifice affects Dark Moon more significantly. When Dark moon reaches the maximum damage absorption capacity, it explodes with Magic damage and inflicts Blind.


  • SP per level: 80
  • Casting Time: 0.5 sec
  • Cooldown: 40 sec
  • Duration: 200 seconds
  • Additional Sacrifice damage absorption: +200%
  • This skill consumes 3 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • MP -2.0% Cooldown -1.0% on Command


Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Damage absorption capacity Explosion
Attack Blind
Chance Duration Level
1 75 2320 450000 9250% 50% 2 secs 77
2 77 2547 540000 10189% 55% 3 secs 79
3 79 2774 648000 11127% 60% 81
4 81 3001 777600 12066% 65% 4 secs 83
5 83 3228 933120 13004% 70% 85
6 85 3456 1119744 13943% 75% 5 secs 87
7 87 3683 1343693 14881% 80% 89
8 89 3910 1612431 15820% 85% 6 secs 91
9 91 4137 1934918 16758% 90% 93
10 93 4365 2321901 17697% 95% 7 secs 95


Summoner Skills
Active:Contract- Big Sis Louise!.png Contract: Big Sis Louise! Contract- Black Knight Sandor.png Contract: Black Knight Sandor Contract- Freet.png Contract: Freet Contract- Hellflower Aukuso.png Contract: Hellflower Aukuso Contract- Tau King Kuruta.png Contract: Tau King Kuruta Dismiss.png Dismiss Greater Spirit- Aquarius.png Greater Spirit: Aquarius Greater Spirit- Dead Murker.png Greater Spirit: Dead Murker Greater Spirit- Flame Hulk.png Greater Spirit: Flame Hulk Greater Spirit- Glaerin.png Greater Spirit: Glaerin Lesser Spirit- Ador.png Lesser Spirit: Ador Lesser Spirit- Naias.png Lesser Spirit: Naias Lesser Spirit- Stalker.png Lesser Spirit: Stalker Lesser Spirit- Wisp.png Lesser Spirit: Wisp Lesser Spirit Summon.png Lesser Spirit Summon Mark the Target!.png Mark the Target! Mass Teleport.png Mass Teleport Ravenous Delarion.png Ravenous Delarion Spirit King of Sublimity.png Spirit King of Sublimity Spirit Lord- Echeverria.png Spirit Lord: Echeverria Spirit Sacrifice.png Spirit Sacrifice Sticky Throw.png Sticky Throw Summoner's Train.png Summoner's Train Wait!.png Wait! Zealous Creature.png Zealous Creature
Passive:Communion.png Communion Posticus Luna.png Posticus Luna Reinforce Control.png Reinforce Control Summoned Creature Aura.png Summoned Creature Aura Summoner Cloth Armor Mastery.png Summoner Cloth Armor Mastery
Awakening:Contract- Conqueror Kasijas.png Contract: Conqueror Kasijas Death Bringer Dance.png Death Bringer Dance Loop of Domination.png Loop of Domination Running Amok.png Running Amok Spirit- Fusion Spirit Hailom.png Spirit: Fusion Spirit Hailom Spirit Bond.png Spirit Bond
2nd Awakening:Dark Lunacy.png Dark Lunacy Eclipse's Hive.png Eclipse's Hive Eclipse Fall.png Eclipse Fall Legendary Summon- The Moonshade.png Legendary Summon: The Moonshade Legendary Summon- War Maiden Lamos.png Legendary Summon: War Maiden Lamos

Female Mage Skills
Active:Contract- Hodor.png Contract: Hodor Disenchant.png Disenchant Dragon Fang (Female Mage).png Dragon Fang (Female Mage) Florae Circle.png Florae Circle Frost Head.png Frost Head Keep Away!.png Keep Away! Lantern Firebomb.png Lantern Firebomb Lasher.png Lasher Magic Missile.png Magic Missile Mana Shield.png Mana Shield Palm Blast.png Palm Blast Phase Shift.png Phase Shift Rose Vines.png Rose Vines Showtime.png Showtime Sky Assault.png Sky Assault The Pluto.png The Pluto
Passive:Aerial Lantern Firebomb.png Aerial Lantern Firebomb

General Skills
Active:Ancient Memory.png Ancient Memory Backstep.png Backstep Indomitable Spirit.png Indomitable Spirit Leap.png Leap Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound
Passive:Backstep Upgrade.png Backstep Upgrade Basic Armor Mastery.png Basic Armor Mastery Basic Training.png Basic Training Clues to Awakening.png Clues to Awakening Conversion.png Conversion Physical Critical.png Focus: Critical Latent Power.png Latent Power One Step Closer.png One Step Closer Physical Rear Attack.png Rear Attack Subitism.png Subitism