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Azalea Lott

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AzaleaIcon.png Azalea Lott
Age "18" (real age is unknown, though Yang Ull notes that she convinced Soldoros to join her 2000 years ago)
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Grim Seekers Leader & Founder
Alias N/A
Location Zelva: Grim Seeker Campsite
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability Enabled

Azalea Lott is the Dungeon Fighter Association Leader, and is also the founder and leader of the Grim Seekers. She is currently located at the Grim Seeker camp in Zelva. She has an unexplained mysterious connection with Simona. While she wants to help Adventurers get stronger, her true motives and other characteristics are still shrouded in mystery.


Originally a citizen of Terra, she immigrated to Arad through Genesis. She became half-immortal by combining the Genesis device with the elements of magic. However, this had a painful side effect that she still suffers to this day.

After Genesis landed in Arad, Azalea became aware of Hilder’s plan by investigating an ancient fairy document. In order to stop Hilder, she formed the Grim Seekers and called upon the strongest warriors from across Arad to join her in the Tower of Despair.

Soon after, she fell into a deep sleep waiting for the day she can enter Pandemonium. During her absence, the Grim Seekers fell into an internal conflict and was divided between the moderates who became followers of the Apostles and hardliners who would continue the fight that Azalea started.

Azalea would soon return after the Castle of the Dead appeared above the sky of Empyrean, she then help create a base camp in Zelva along with the Grim Seekers who remains loyal to her.

After some events in Pandemonium (placeholder) and the Adventurer almost succeeded in persuading Luke to stand down but failed in the end because of Vaughn Walshuted's interference, Azalea is killed by the Red Ghost Soryun and the other extremist Grim Seekers. The Adventurer is too late to save her and in the end she pleads with him to stop the destruction of Arad (the destruction happened to her homeland of Terra years ago similarly) and from the prophecy coming true. Before dying, she said she enjoyed and loved being with the Adventurer, and reminisced how beautiful Terra was.

She was brought back to the Grim Seekers' camp by the Adventurer, and left many in shock, including the others in the other camps. The ones who took this hard was Burning Pen Roy and Eventful Erica.

Later on, after the Adventurer went back to Pandemonium to help investigate the phenomenon in Harlem, Roy and Erica brought Azalea's body back to the Tower of Despair, or the Genesis ship, in a glass sarcophagus. Many would mourn her death and some would revel in the event. But this event was the catalyst of Soldoros finally making his move, but he would wait first, wait for the Adventurer to come and speak with him, as the Adventurer is the one that Azalea spoke about in their conversation 2,000 years ago.


  • Quest Giver


Request Chat (Zelva)

  • I'm your friend. You can trust me.
  • The stronger the Grim Seekers grow, the more worried I get.
Even the smallest mistake can change our future.

Request Chat (Pandemonium Outpost)

  • We Grim Seekers are watching you. There are not many people who can affect the world as much as you do. We hope you'll make the right decision for everyone else in the world.
  • Adventurer, you were instrumental in solving this case. Your judgment will affect the outcome, so please try to look far ahead instead of what's in front of you.
  • So this is Pandemonium. I never thought I'd come like this, but I feel safe, having you with me.
I feel different about you than I did when I watched you from far away. Now I know why people rely on you so much.


  • Betray me and I'll make you pay.
  • I'm not about to let Arad fall.
  • If you have powerful friends, I want to meet them.

Conversation start

  • You looking for a fight?
  • I'm sorry about your friend.
  • My life belongs to the Apostles.
  • I'm Azalea Lott, head of the Grim Seekers.

Conversation end

  • This is a new beginning for us!
  • Ignore the prophesies; they're rubbish.
  • You must fight for your own future.



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  • Her first name is derived from flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron.
  • Her surname is of Hebrew origins Lōṭ meaning Veil or Covering, likely referring to her mysterious origins.
  • In the Dungeon fighter 2012 Calendar it is specifically stated that Azalea is Simona but this connection has not actually been revealed in any form in-game yet.