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Prophet Ezra

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Your sacrifice will not be in vain.
Prophet Ezra
Prophet Ezra.png
Age 50
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Grim Seeker
Occupation Grim Seeker - Moderate Sect Leader
Alias The One Who Cultivated Life Next to Death

Foreign Names:
선지자 에스라

Location The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Prophet Ezra is a secondary antagonist of Dungeon Fighter Online, one of the seven founding members of the Grim Seekers, and the leader of the Grim Seeker Moderates.


Character Biography:

The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection Lore:

The man was deeply troubled.
His face, hidden behind his dark, solemn mask, was twisted into a subtle grimace.
Two of his good friends had left for the Empire's mining village to die as martyrs.
They didn't hesitate. Rather, they were smiling when they left him.

It had been a long time.
When the seven of them first gathered and learned about the Prophesy of the Apocalypse, they felt drawn to their destiny.
He decided to lead the others, for he had received greater power than them, and established the Grim Seekers.
There were many hardships and obstacles, but his group continued to grow.
Its influence reached the Principality of Bel Myre, the De Los Empire, and Suju, and even crossed the borders of the Fennes Kingdom.
But they had their limits. Slowly, its members grew more radicalized, which was a problem.
Then, came the woman named Azalea Lott.

Not only did she know the Prophesy of the Apocalypse, but she also had a solution for it.
She'd even prepared a warrior named Soldoros and a treasure called the Genesis.
Ezra stepped down from his position as leader and decided to follow her.
He had no reason to hesitate. But then...
Azalea was killed by Soryun.

The tragic news came as a shock. The woman who came out into the world to protect the Apostles was murdered by another Grim Seeker.
All their plans to stop the Prophecy of the Apocalypse was reduced to nothing, and years of effort were in vain.
Ezra's very soul screamed. Myriad thoughts raced through his mind.
He wandered in darkness, looking for answers. After a long time, he finally found one.
This is the only way to resist her, the one who rises higher than the sky itself.
"Gather all the Grim Seekers."

Back to the present.
Ezra pulled himself out of his thoughts.
Where his two friends would be, he instead saw all the remaining Grim Seekers gathered before him.
They were all looking to him. They must have heard the news of Azalea's death,
but their eyes were filled with passion, instead of grief, to accomplish their mission.
Ezra shook off his hesitation and spoke to them in a gentle baritone voice.
"Your sacrifice will not be in vain."

Everyone left with a determined look in their eyes. Soon, he would have to leave, too.
But for the moment, he stood alone in the vast sanctum, falling back into the abyss of his thoughts.


As an Enemy

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Prophet Ezra

Ezra makes his appearance inside The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection as the final boss by reaching Pilgrim Shelter B4: The Altar of Truth or B3 during the Abysmal Sanctum.

Move Set (Normal)

  • Sweep: Ezra deals a basic melee attack at close range.
  • Judgment: Ezra summons 5 flame circles in a narrow range, then he'll launch down meteors that land with the center of those circles making them larger donut-shaped fields to cause AoE explosions, similar to Sarpoza's Blood Sphere Emission during his Phase 2 fight. Stepping in the flames or getting hit by them inflicts a burn status.
The Abysmal variant has instead one meteor and the fire ring explosion is replaced with a room-wide one. So the spot where that meteor lands and leaves a crater acts like a safe-zone against the pattern.
  • Fire Wave: He'll create fire beneath him and stomps the ground to create a fan-shaped flame wave in front of him that leaves a crater that acts as a safe-zone where those flames passed, then he will summon that wave backwards towards him outside of the crater section. Stay within that crater to avoid taking heavy damage.
The Abysmal variant is much faster and rather than going back once, Ezra can summon it back twice with two waves in a upper & lower section, then onto the middle section.
  • Darkness Wave: A red circle appears beneath Ezra as he stomps the ground to create multiple dark energy explosions around himself that spreads out across the room that can be easily avoided.
  • Eye Pursuit: Ezra randomly places his eye like a target on a party member as he begins pulling them in and chasing them down with one of his clones for awhile before attacking.
  • Stand up Straight!: Ezra lifts up his hand to suction in players right towards him in close range and then attempts to perform a swipe attack.
  • Light's Judgment: Ezra starts to charge up and collects numerous light beads above his head. Attacking him will cause some of those beads to bounce off and hit the floor that leaves a circle that glows up when stepped on, which is indicating a safe-zone for the oncoming pattern. While he's charging up a large orb, Ezra begins suctioning in players close to him and that very same orb splits into smaller ones and drops those all across the room that can inflict heavy to nearly fatal damage towards those who are not in a circle.
  • Light Barrier: Ezra will randomly teleport to a different location on the room and begins to create a light barrier around himself with various light pillars appears through out the room. While he is vulnerable during his pattern, party members should immediately run towards and stay inside of his barrier as a safe-zone as those pillars outside of the barrier can lift up players airborne and drops them down for heavy damage.
The Abysmal variant replaces the barrier for multiple red marks beneath the ground with light marbles spreading out from those marks as touching the marbles launches up a player airborne to drops them down for falling damage, also affecting party members if someone lands on them.
  • Dark Swamp: Ezra starts to encroach the entire room with darkness with energy explosions around it, creating a purple circle beneath him before disappearing into the floor. All party members must stay within the circle's range as it moves around the map to avoid being damaged by the encroached floor while Ezra appears behind players repeatedly chopping at them in a total of 5 times. If Ezra is counter-attacked when his body glows red, the pattern ends and he'll be in a mini-groggy state for a few seconds.
  • Berserk
    • Final Ritual: Ezra teleports to the room's middle section and summons four clones of himself each with a magic circle beneath them. In order to activate his groggy state, all party members are required to occupy a magic circle of their own where the Ezra clone is and knock it out of the circle by waiting for it's necklace that periodically shines with either purple or red. When the necklace starts to shine red, hit the clone immediately that pushes them back, resulting in making them disappear completely. If all four clones are destroyed upon succession, Ezra will enter his groggy state for 15 seconds.
On the other hand -- Failure to meet the requirements causes Ezra to perform a room-wide attack.

Move Set (Abysmal Sanctum)

  • Ezra's Eye: His Eye floats around the room and cannot be attacked by anyone. If a player is knocked down, a red orb spawns on the ground and the Eye will try to pick it up. If this occurs -- a Ezra clone appears to perform a different attack pattern that can not only interfere in the boss fight, but becomes much harder if more orbs/clones spawn. Party members can destroy those orbs by standing underneath them for a short period of time.
  • Human Offering: Similar to Dark Swamp, Ezra encroaches the room with darkness and instead of hitting him, there are purple magic circles that spawn a numbers of eyes above it ranging from 1-4 being identical to that of Direct Hitter Wordsworth's Triple Charge Berserk pattern. In here, a certain number of party members are required to enter the circles matching the numbers of eyes to receive a barrier protecting them from Ezra' AoE attack.


  • Despite Ezra sporting a high amount of HP, his defenses are rather low and depending on the strength of your party can quickly burst him upon entry into the boss room or prefer to wait for his groggy after clearing Final Ritual, have the Crusader/Enchantress deploy their Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Final Judgment.png Final Judgment, Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Laus di Angelus.png Laus di Angelus, Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette/Curtain Call.png Curtain Call and use your strongest skills.
  • Although his attack patterns have certain AoE advantage, each of them has a blind spot and are easily avoidable.
  • Make sure you time your attacks during Final Ritual when the Ezra clones flash red as constantly hitting them recklessly has that clone knocks you outside of the circle and fades away.



  • "Your sacrifice will not go to waste..."


  • "Take your punishment!"
  • "Explode!"

Flame Wave

  • "Burn."
  • "Come back!"

Crack Explosion

  • "Split!"

Darkness Wave

  • "Silence!"

Light's Judgment

  • "There's nowhere to hide." (Casting Light's Judgment)
  • "Dust to dust!" (Dropping the light beads)

Dark Zone

  • "You can't escape from me."

Light Barrier

  • "With the power of light!"
  • "Begone!"

Eye Pursuit

  • "You can't avoid my eye forever..."

Final Ritual


  • "You're being deceived..."





  • Ezra's name is of Hebrew origin meaning Helper.
  • His character motif and design takes inspiration from Ezra the Scribe, a High Priest & descendant of Sraya in Hebrew Mythology.
  • His Necklace appears as a Product of Wisdom.