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Black-Eyed Sarpoza

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Black-Eyed Sarpoza
Age 40 (Estimated)
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation Kashipa
Occupation Kashipa's Leader
Location Harlem
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A
For this, I was chosen. My eyes are sacred scars, and my heart is the light of salvation. With this, even Death shall fear me. I will devour all the Apostles and become a god. And then... At the end of the prophecy, I will announce the beginning of a new world. Everything is for me.

Black-Eyed Sarpoza is the current leader of the Kashipa and the first warlock. Notoriously known for his brutality and lack of compassion, he is regarded as a symbol of fear throughout Pandemonium. He serves as the main antagonist in the Pandemonium War.


The abyssal pools that are his eyes echo the dark night skies.
The cold voice rings with death, bringing forth despair.
He of cold blood, who forsakes everything for might.
Who released this beast that knows neither compassion nor pain?

~The Warlock's Song

Character Biography:

Male/Age 40 (Estimated)
Kashipa's current leader and the first warlock.
Also known as the 'Black Eye'. His eyes, which had been implanted with the Abyss and had blackened to the sclera, harbors a darkness darker than darkness itself.

He was one of the few people who had served as both a member and a leader of the Kashipa, and it is by no exaggeration to say, that it was by his hand, that the group once perceived as a gang of second class mages had become the extensive organization it is today.
Many people admire him or are willing to give up their lives for him not only because of his overwhelming power and brutality, but also his unique charisma.
He views the lives of others as a joke, but to those who willingly risk their lives, he shows them an unexpected mercy. Even the ridiculed or the foolish will be given a chance if he finds them useful.
Sarpoza himself claims that all of his actions are for his own amusement, but even that has been perceived as fascinating by some individuals, raising their fealty toward him.
He now moves secretly within the heart of Harlem, though it is unknown exactly to what purpose.


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.
Sarpoza's encounter with the mysterious entity

In the past, Sarpoza was once a member of a gang who ventured into Brooklyn for reasons unknown. But due to unfortunate circumstance, he and his group ran into Cain and were completely annihilated. However, fate did not allow him die that day.

He awoke in a dream. His shattered body was rejuvenated and he was saved by a mysterious entity, who claimed that Sarpoza was a chosen individual. The being unveiled to Sarpoza a vision of a red ember falling from the heavens and the epitaph prophecy of Genesis, revealing that he would be the one who would be the sword that would defeat the Apostles:

They were omnipotent, but no one worshiped them, wandering in the darkness, with no place to call home.

For the glory and admiration they so desired, they needed to re-create a world to settle upon. But creation means destruction, and only through destruction can life begin anew. To this end, twelve gods were selected among them.

Let it be known that your sacrifice is sacred. Only a sword forged through hardship can penetrate our hearts and return us to the Great Will.

At the end of the sacrifice, a new world will be opened, and only two shall remain: the one whom death fears and the one who hides resplendent dew.

They will not perish and shall remain eternal. They will be the beginning of a new world.

Upon waking up from the premonition, Sarpoza realized he had been resurrected and had been granted the power of the Abyss in both his eyes. Having experienced the traumatic fear of death from his encounter with Cain, and escaped its clutches, Sarpoza misinterpreted the prophecy. Not only would he be the chosen sword that pierces the hearts of the Apostles, but he also believed that he was one of the two remaining gods mentioned at the end of the prophecy, the "One Whom Death Fears." Believing this to be his newfound purpose, Sarpoza developed a god-complex, and dedicated himself to whatever means to fulfill the prophecy.

To accomplish such a feat as challenging the Apostles, Sarpoza knew he needed an army behind him. He infiltrated the large group named Kashipa in Bronx and quickly rose through the ranks. Eventually, he challenged and overthrew its leader Spell Deceiver Zasura, and took control of the entire organization. Under Sarpoza's leadership, the entire organization's structure changed to that of a militaristic criminal syndicate. Soon, after the First Pandemonium Meeting, the Kashipa was recognized by the rest of Pandemonium as a terrifying, capable fighting force.

With phase one of his plan complete, Sarpoza prepared for his showdown with the Apostles. To this end, he secretly underwent an Abyss transplant, replacing his heart with the Abyss, allowing him to absorb the powers of the Apostles. With the procedure complete, he needed only to await the day mentioned in the prophecy and find the other god mentioned in the prophecy.

In Arad Year 1006, the prophesied red ember fell from the heavens and landed in Harlem. After the ember is revealed to be related to the Apostle Isys-Prey and the Pandemonium War erupts, the ember eventually ends up in the clutches of Sarpoza, enabling him to absorb its power. With his plan nearly complete, he is confronted by the Adventurers at the Spire Throne in East Harlem and is ultimately defeated. In a last ditch effort, Sarpoza mustered the power from his Abyss heart and summoned an Abyss bomb to engulf the Adventurers, but is stopped by Isys-Prey. However, for reasons unknown, the Abyss bomb reappeared and sucked in Sarpoza into a Dimensional Storm that launched him toward Tayberrs. After the war, Sarpoza's fate remains unknown.

As an Enemy

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Black-Eyed Sarpoza
Sarpoza's Skill Cut-in

Sarpoza makes his final boss debut for Pandemonium War inside the Spire Throne. As his class suggests, Sarpoza uses various skills from Elemental Bomber throughout his 1st Phase which are extremely powerful with AoE advantage. During the 2nd Phase, he will fight using Isys' energy that was absorbed by Ricardo, so some of his patterns are very similar to the Apostle.

Move Set (1st Phase)

  • Elemental Field.png Elemental Field: Sarpoza's variation differs where; he'll create four elemental circles that'll diverge on the floor damaging players who step in those trails while following only the 1st Player. After the circles are done diverging, they'll explode.
  • Convergence Cannon.png Convergence Cannon: Sarpoza charges up to create a giant elemental orb that's able to suction in players, regardless of their distance away from the orb itself and can breaks Super Armor. After he fires the orb going forward while it explodes, four more orbs flies upwards and fall down on the floor.
  • Elemental Strike.png Elemental Strike: He'll summon three pentacles to track down players which are much larger in size for AoE advantage and the attributes he chooses are random.
  • Elemental Rain.png Elemental Rain: He will raise his hand and fires out a shower of orbs to bombard party members with two larger orbs dropping down afterwards.
  • Elemental Cannon.png Elemental Cannon: Sarpoza's version of this skill has him blasts out a multi-shot of numerous orbs in a short, but very narrow front line range dealing respectable damage on contact.
  • Berserk:
    • Armageddon Strike.png Armageddon Strike: After 1 minute into the fight, Sarpoza teleports to the room's center as he randomly attaches four elemental shield marks on party members consisting of (Red = Fire , Blue = Water, Yellow = Light , Purple = Shadow). The screen darkens as everyone is placed inside a narrow path with the ground surging with energy of a specific color which plays a huge role in his berserk pattern. The field will change color either going either in a left or right wave; Sarpoza teleports to the origin of the wave and begins spraying out a barrage of orbs of the specific element matching the field color. The player who wields the matching element shield (e.g. Red Field = Fire Shield) must approach Sarpoza's direction and block the orbs to prevent party members from being damaged. This pattern repeats a total of four times (once for each element).
After each player blocks their respective colored orbs, Sarpoza then places four elemental seals on the ground where those party members must enter and match the color of the elemental mark they've received before Sarpoza launches down four magic orbs at them. If successful, those orbs will be deflected upwards and he enters his groggy phase for 15 seconds. When his HP drops below 65% and his groggy phase ends, Sarpoza begins to enter his 2nd phase. Players should immediately Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound to avoid taking damage as Sarpoza enters his 2nd phase.

Move Set (2nd Phase)

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Black-Eyed Sarpoza
  • Red Essence: Functioning as his Berserk Gauge, and whenever Sarpoza's attacks hits party members, small red orbs are produced similar to Nightmarish Nerbe's Dark Cores pattern where they'll charge up his gauge which allows him to use Energy Release when it maxes out. His gauge will not decrease over time and it can only be reset if the Abyssal Bead pattern is cleared.
  • Abyss Absorption: Sarpoza charges up and uses his Abyss to pull in everyone close to him being similar to Universe Pulverizer: Crusher's System Abnormality berserk pattern. While the suction strength isn't that powerful, entering it's range will quickly drain a party member's HP.
  • Heel Strike: Sarpoza lifts his leg, charges up and slams it down on the ground. It's very similar to Prey-Isys's Feather Drop pattern, but the explosions are randomly placed around the room instead of a circle.
  • Uppercut: Sarpoza deals a basic uppercut which can knock someone airborne, and can possibly follow up with a straight punch if the attack connects.
  • Leaping Jump Kick: Sarpoza starts to leap up and down in a total of four times attacking party members randomly. The pattern has AoE and is able to ignore Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound and other invincibility frames, so it's best to avoid with caution.
  • Blood Pillars: Sarpoza begins charging up where he creates a field of black AoE pentacles appear on the ground which looks identical to Isys's I'll bring the disaster across all worlds! pattern, then unleashes a massive wave of blood pillars from the pentacles after he's done charging. Dealing enough damage to Sarpoza before he creates the blood pillars will cause the pentacles to shrink, increasing the size of the "safe zones".
  • Blood Sphere Emission: Sarpoza starts to slowly release blood out of his hand as it moves out into a donut-shaped field and creates an AoE explosion. Either jump in the middle where he's at or move far away from the spreading blood when he launches it to avoid being damaged.
  • Charging Grab: Sarpoza randomly targets a player who's either the nearest or farthest from him and does a quick dash in attempt to grab at them. If this attack connects, he'll pin them down and absorb their HP. Party members who are in the range of his dash can also be caught. This attack is nearly guaranteed to be fatal unless the grabbed player is actively being healed during the pattern.
  • Berserk:
    • Abyssal Bead: After 45 seconds into the fight, Sarpoza will then jump to the upper center as he captures everyone and traps them into a blood red sphere. As the sphere begins to steadily tighten up inside, red thorns can rise up underneath and knocks players airborne. There is a sealing orb that will spawn in the middle; destroying it causes a light pillar to open up for a few seconds, letting one player escape. It's highly recommended that the strongest damage dealer in a party escapes the sphere first and attacks Sarpoza in his charging stance to free everyone who's still trapped inside. If this is successful, he'll enter his groggy phase for 20 seconds.
    • Failure to meet the requirements will have Sarpoza launch the sphere down on the floor, dealing heavy damage to everyone.
    • Energy Release: If Sarpoza's berserk is maxed out from being hit by any of his attacks or if the Abysmal Bead pattern fails, he'll unleash an AoE explosion that deals potentially lethal damage.


  • Sarpoza is perhaps one of the most powerful, yet extremely dangerous bosses due to his hard-hitting attack patterns and AoE advantages that can be troublesome for melee-based classes.
  • For Phase 1:
    • Player 1 who gets tracked down by Elemental Field, stay next to Sarpoza when he sends them out as those trails will never chase after him and instead continue to diverge around the map regardless.
    • Stay behind him during either Convergence or Elemental Cannon respectively.
    • If you have slow movement speed, have Seraph use her Edification.png Edification to avoid being hit by Sarpoza's attacks when he casts them.
  • For Armageddon Strike:
    • There is a guide for colorblind players available.
    • Seraph's Edification.png Edification or Hekate's Hot Affection.png Hot Affection is recommended right before Sarpoza starts launching out orbs.
    • All party members should be mindful to stay away from the player who is blocking their respective colored orbs as getting hit by the wrong ones will be dealt with heavy to potentially fatal damage.
    • Overlapping shields (e.g. Fire & Water) while being hit by the orbs will cause them to disappear which could make things frustrating regardless of which difficulty you're playing.
    • If you die before Sarpoza begins his berserk pattern, please use a Life Token.png Life Token immediately or you won't get a shield mark.
    • Standing on the wrong element seals can also be a huge casualty due to the large orb firing down in your location.
    • Stepping foot into the surging energy floor can quickly drain your HP.
  • In the Challenge and Normal Solo Modes for his fight, Sarpoza's Berserk has been adjusted to where it removes the surging energy ground and skips to the second portion of Armageddon Strike, as he attaches a random elemental seal color at the player and begins charging up to launch down a giant orb at them while there's numerous seals on the ground, that player must find and stay on the seal's matching color to deflect those orbs in a total of five times.
  • For Phase 2:
    • All party members should avoid coming in contact by any of Sarpoza's patterns as this can result in him quickly charging up his berserk gauge to nearly wipe out everyone.
    • If you or anyone else get caught by his Charging Grab, have the Crusader/Enchantress use their Healing Wind.png Healing Wind, Regenerative Aria.png Regenerative Aria, or First Aid of Love.png First Aid of Love to prevent them from being killed.
    • During Abyssal Bead, it's recommended to have the strongest damage dealer in your party escapes the sphere first to stop Sarpoza. If they aren't able to break his charging stance, then have another dealer exit to assist before he throws the sphere downwards.
    • When Blood Sphere Emission begins, it has the ability to push back players and making them vulnerable to be potentially killed by the attack's spread.
    • Classes who can deal multi-hit damage during Blood Pillars is highly encouraged as that's able to to make the pentacles shrink much quicker.


Phase 1


  • "Good job. Everything is going as planned." (Phase 1 Encounter)

Elemental Strike

  • "There you are."

Armageddon Strike

  • You're annoying. I'll wipe you out at once!" (On cast)

Phase 2


  • "I will become a god!" (Phase 2 Encounter)

Leaping Jump Kick

  • "All of you! Worthless!"

Charging Grab

  •  ???

Abysmal Bead

  • "Die in the Abyss!" (On cast)

Energy Release

  • "I'm overflowing with energy!" (Berserk Gauge full or Pattern failure)


  • "The Prophecy will come true." (Phase 2 defeat)


  • Sarpoza's name is derived from an actual Arabic real-world prison.
  • His character is inspired by Gellert Grindelwald, a Dark Wizard from the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts franchises, and the way he dresses is almost similar to Guardians of the Galaxy's Collector.
  • He also seems to share similarities to Igniz, a main antagonist and final boss from The King of Fighters 2001.
    • The way Sarpoza uses Elemental Cannon.png Elemental Cannon is very identical to his move called Chaos Tide.
  • In his artwork, Sarpoza carries a glass bottle around his waist filled with eyeballs he collects from victims, possibly due to his trauma from encountering Apostle Cain.
  • A Male Mage-specific Sub Equipment is named after him.
  • The costumes worn by both Oblivion & the Neo: Elemental Bomber greatly resembles the leader since they're dressed in his image.
  • Regardless of what subclass Male Mage players chooses, they'll receive special dialogue with Sarpoza during their scenario confrontation.


SarpozaFullBody.jpg SarpozaDogheadFirstReveal.jpg

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