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Grim Seeker

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We may not be able to protect all thirteen Apostles, but we'll protect at least on of them. Hopefully he'll save us from destruction.

The Grim Seekers are an organization whose goals are to protect the Apostles and subsequently prevent the fall of Arad, putting them at odds with Hilder. They have connections to the Valley of Fallen Souls.

It was founded by former resident of Terra, Azalea Lott.


Grim Seeker Bible:

The five found the Apostle and destroyed her body, but her spirit survived and was split into seven pieces.
The first piece went to the one who cultivated life next to death.
The second went to the one who cleaved the red forest and reached death.
The third went to the one who filled the furrows of death.
The fourth went to the one who traveled to death.
The fifth went to the one who dug up the ground and grasped death.
The sixth went to the one who disregarded death and shared his life.
The seventh went to the one who had been branded by death.
One of the seven recipients, having found enlightenment before the others, named himself the Prophet and set out to find the other six.

They heard a voice in their heads that led them to each other.
When all seven were finally gathered in one place, they instinctively knew that they all had the Eyes.
They named themselves the Seekers and decided to defy the Prophecy.
Others, who loved their land and wished to protect it, heard about them and came to join them. The Prophet stepped forward and said,

"Pray and fear the end of the world. Listen when I say that the Prophesied Time is nigh.
"Pray and fear not the deaths of the Apostles. When we fulfill our destiny, at least one of them will come forward to help us.
"Join me in this prayer: we may not be able to protect all the thirteen Apostles, but we'll protect at least one of them.
Hopefully, she'll save us from destruction. As the seven of us will sacrifice our lives to protect this world, the Apostle will sacrifice her life to protect what she cherishes and prove the Prophesy wrong."


The Grim Seekers are first encountered during the Noire Ferra questline, where they attempt to protect the Apostle Delezie's illusion that is spreading the epidemic. After their defeat at the hands of the adventurer, they are found again in North Myre protecting Delezie's true form as he spreads another plague, this time led by Azalea Lott, the founder of the Grim Seekers who leads a more moderate faction. While many of them seek to protect Delezie no matter the cost, Azalea after seeing the horrors of the plague for herself, concedes that Delezie poses too much of a danger to Arad to be left alive.

After the Castle of the Dead is revealed, several members of Azalea's faction of the Grim Seekers travel to Zelva to investigate along with the Joint Investigation Group and Adventurer's Guild. However, upon discovering the threat that Luke poses, the groups quickly realize they do not have the same goals. The position of the Grim Seekers is that while Luke currently poses a threat to Arad and Empyrean it is vitally important to try to resolve the situation peacefully - without killing Luke - to avoid forwarding Hilder's goals.

When this conflict arises, the player is required to join one and only one of the three groups - the Joint Investigation Group, Adventurer's Guild, and Grim Seekers. If the player chooses to join the Grim Seekers, they will report directly to Azalea and work towards resolving the situation with Luke peacefully.

After the death of Luke at the hands of either Vaughn Walshuted and Hilder (if the player is a member of the Grim Seekers) or the player themself (if they are a member of the Joint Investigation Group or Adventurer's Guild), Soryun's splinter faction of the Grim Seekers blames Azalea for Luke's death, in addition to Delezie's earlier death. As a result, Soryun kills Azalea when she wanders back into the Castle of the Dead.

The player meets the Grim Seekers Erica and Roy again later on, who were also part of Azalea's faction and present on Zelva. They seek to carry out Azalea's will. The player helps them reach the Tower of Despair to meet with Soldoros. Soldoros agrees to launch the Tower of Despair into space with Azalea's body inside, and leaves the tower with the other Grim Seekers. In the space left behind where the Tower of Despair was located, the Pit of Incarceration is discovered.

Finally, during the Roschest and Abysmal Sky Tower story arcs, the Grim Seekers are once again encountered -- including faction leaders Lone Roseberry, Soryun, Louise, Mandarin of a Hundred Flowers, Ash Rosenberg, and Prophet Ezra. These leaders, who are all hardliners as opposed to Azalea's more moderate faction, seek to resurrect Sirocco by sacrificing themselves, as they each have a piece of Sirocco inside them. To this end, they fight the adventurer in the Roschest dungeons as well as Screaming Cavern and The Oculus. The West Coast Alliance realizes what the Grim Sekeers are planning far too late, however, and the Grim Seekers succeed in resurrecting Sirocco.

Notable Members


Branch Leaders

  • Prophet Ezra — The first of the seven faction leaders, and their de facto leader under Azalea.
  • Mandarin of a Hundred Flowers — A renown Nen Master of Suju. One of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers and the second-in-command after Prophet Ezra.
  • Ash Rosenberg — One of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers and the leader of the sect of Dark Side.
  • Lone Roseberry — One of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers and the leader of the sect of North Myre who worship Apostle Delezie.
  • Red Ghost Soryun — One of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers. Due to a past incident, she has uneasy ties with Azalea Lott.
  • Hellcat Louise — The first Hellcat. One of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers and leader of the sect of Elvenguard.
  • Dusky Mirage — A mage known for her magic called the 'Fallen Light'. One of the seven faction leaders of the Grim Seekers and a close friend of Louise.

Sirocco Raid



  • The Grim Seekers were known as the "Shadow Seekers" under Nexon North America's localization.
  • Some members who are encountered in Noire Ferra or Roschest seems to have a Alcohol name-scheme.