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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Time Gate - Requiem
Location Saint Horn
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 85-88
End Boss Various

Time Gate Requiem, also known as Ancient Dungeons, are a set of challenging dungeons. These can be accessed through the bow of the Saint Horn. It is recommended to have a minimum Exorcism.png Exorcism stat of 3538, otherwise the player will take substantially more damage and deal substantially less damage. Furthermore, having an Exorcism stat greater than 2944 will decrease the damage taken and increase the damage dealt.

Players must complete Feat Quest Icon.png Opening the Gate to the Ancient Dungeon before they can access to any of the dungeons within. Upon completion, the player will also gain access to Missions that grant special items for completing Ancient Dungeons everday. These items can be used to purchase Legendary Equipment from Captain Luther.

The Difficulty of the dungeon can also be increased. The first 3 levels are immediately accessible, however starting at level 4 and beyond, the previous level must be completed first. At higher difficulties, monsters will grow significantly stronger, but the chance of obtaining Legendary Equipment will increase as well.

Entrance Requirement

Ancient Dungeons

Dungeon Name Level Associated Legendary Set
King's Ruin.png King's Ruin 85-88 Ancient Kingdom Knight Set
(Great Glory Set)
Vilmark - Area 50.png Vilmark - Area 50 85-88 Heartrending Grief Set
Screaming Cavern.png Screaming Cavern 85-88 Buried Screaming Soul Set
City of Noire Ferra.png City of Noire Ferra 85-88 Gracia Family's Symbol Set
Ghost Train.png Ghost Train 85-88 Cursed Sea God's Fury Set
Reshpon, Village of Pain.png Reshpon, Village of Pain 85-88 Source of Disease Set
Kartel Headquarters.png Kartel Headquarters 85-88 Wild Romancist Set
(Dusky West Set)

Ancient Gate

After a set number of either Ancient dungeons have been completed the rewards for the dungeon will change. This occurs once per day after the maximum number of Ancient material has been collected/dropped from the boss. Running Level 1 Ancient dungeons will cause Ancient Gate to appear on the 14th run, running level 2 will cause Ancient Gate to spawn on the 11th run, while running Level 3 will cause Ancient Gate to appear on the 10th run. After clearing the dungeon the Lion card will reward you with either a special reward chest (e.g. No Icon.png Noire Ferra Special Reward Chest) or material pot (e.g. No Icon.png Impostor Report Pot) that gives materials used to purchase legendaries from Captain Luther.

The special reward chest contain both a legendary material pot (e.g. No Icon.png Impostor Report Pot) and an No Icon.png Ancient Gate Additional Reward Pot (contains a random ancient dungeon legendary equipment or a No Icon.png Mix Magix Stone).


  • Lion Gauge doesn't disappear when you change channel or character.
  • Lion Gauge is reset daily at 09;00 am (UTC).
  • Their is a daily challenge that gives you 70 of the Ancient Quest material of the associated dungeon by clearing 2 of any difficulty.
  • Clearing any one of these dailies will reward you with 2 Appeasing Stone.png Appeasing Stones.
  • Gabriel also sells two of the following: Ancient Quest material (10), an Appeasing Stone.png Appeasing Stone, and a Time Stone.png Time Stone.
  • Red Tail Jonathan of Central Park sells 30 of any of the Ancient Quest materias for 3 Refined Terranium.png Refined Terraniums that can be purchased once per account per day.


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