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Central Park

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Central Park
Central Park Loading Screen.png
Location Pandemonium
Level Requirement Level 86
NPCs Kate, Pipi, Hunter Von, Niu, Pai, Red Witch, Catherine, Red Tail Jonathan
Areas Metro Center
Pandemonium Outpost
Pandemonium Junction, Dock, Black Market

Central Park is the home to the great mage Kate and the Red Witch's Forest. Players can enter Central Park after finishing the epic quest Epic Quest Icon.png Finding Aslan. Players can access the dock next to the Red Witch to teleport to other towns.


Map of Central Park


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Kate Kate Creator of Central Park, Elementalist, Summoner, APC Kate's Garden
Pipi Pipi Summoner, Student of Kate, APC Kate's Garden
Niu Niu Battle Mage, APC Kate's Garden
Pai Pai Kate's Garden
Red Witch Red Witch Witch, Merchant Kate's Garden
Catherine Catherine Beast Researcher, Merchant Kate's Garden
Red Tail Jonathan Red Tail Jonathan Refined Terranium Merchant Outskirts of Central Park

Metro Center

Metro Center is the dungeon area in the Central Park. Players must be level 86 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 86 to 90.

Pandemonium Junction

Pandemonium Junction is the dungeon area in the Central Park. Players must be level 90 to enter this area and complete the quest Side Quest Icon.png Into the Legend from Snowflake Joshua.