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Bahn Hafen

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Bahn Hafen
Bahn Hafen Loading Screen.png
Location Empyrean
Level Requirement Level 65
NPCs Beren Vonnegut, Coral
Areas Oceanic Express
Slaugh Industrial Complex

Bahn Hafen, the Port City, is a coastal city in Ghent that is plagued by attacks from both the Kartel and the monsters of the sea. Bahn Hafen is most notably known for its Oceanic Express, a seatrain which is now a shell of it's former self. Bahn Hafen is right next to Ghent and is accessible at level 65. It also serves as the only method of crossing the sea to the Slaugh Industrial Complex.


The port-city of Bahn Hafen was once the proud cultural center of the Ospins Islands, but invading attacks from Kartel Agents have left it in ruins. Although much of this city has been restored by Empyrean’s Imperial Army, continuing invasions from both the Kartel and the mutated sea abominations that lie hidden beneath the murky depths have weakened Bahn Hafen’s defenses, leaving her and the Oceanic Express vulnerable. Unable to withstand further attacks from these sea creatures, the Oceanic Express has been anchored at port. Its once powerful engines and cool iron frame, which were a symbol of grit and fortitude in its prime, now remain a ghostly shell of its prior form, an echo of prosperity which has come and faded.

Map of Bahn Hafen


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Beren Vonnegut Beren Vonnegut Repairs weapons and sells fine equipment items Bahn Hafen
Coral Coral Sells accessories and pots Bahn Hafen

Oceanic Express

Oceanic Express is a dungeon area in Bahn Hafen. Players must be level 65 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 64 to level 71.

Iron Scale.png
Runaway West-Bound.png
Shrouded Heiz.png
Battle at Arden City.png
Pursue the Express Train.png
Oceanic Express Locations.png