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Beren Vonnegut

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BerenIcon.png Beren Vonnegut
Age 63
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Train Repairman
Alias N/A
Location Bahn Hafen

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Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Beren Vonnegut is a former Kartel member who left after the loss of his comrades. His current goal is simply to make profit. From his conversation, it is assumed that Beren used to be a wealthy trade ship merchant who lost his fortune due to the introduction of the trains and the ongoing war.


  • Sells level 60 common and uncommon armor sets.
  • Sells Boss Unique items found in the Oceanic Express and Sub-Class Accessories in return for Blue Meteors.
  • Sells specialized consumables in return for Pirate Rings.




Item Level Binding Cost


Request Chat

  • I worked for the Kartel only because the money was good. Loyalty and camaraderie are good, but let's be honest; they can't keep you alive.
Anyway, that's in the past. I'm committed to the Imperial Army now, so stop talking behind my back.
  • Take my advice and stay away from the Imperial Army. It's no better than the Kartel.
Soldiers aren't paid to be ethical and righteous. They're paid to flex muscle and intimidate civilians... Aw, what am I saying? Please just forget what I said.
  • How did you end up here? Have you made some money adventuring? I've seen some Dungeon Fighters in expensive armor, and I'd be lying if I say I wasn't envious of them.
I'm working my butt off at this nasty harbor, paid a minimum wage, while you Dungeon Fighters rake in money doing what you want.
I'd never risk my life for money, though. I like my life long and unadventurous.


  • Life is hard...
  • What's the point of repairing this train anyway?
  • Time to go home.
  • I just need to amass my lost fortunes... then I'll be set...
  • What's happened to me? Have I fallen so far?

Conversation start

  • There aren't many trains operating right now.
  • Hah, a simple repair... But nothing's free, of course.
  • What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?
  • Would you care to look at the equipment I have for sale?

Conversation end

  • Anything else you're looking for? No? Then goodbye.
  • Teach those Kartels a lesson.
  • I wonder if I can trust them this time...


BerenPortrait.png BerenChristmas.gif


  • In one of his conversations, it is shown that Beren is impressed by Coral's ability to sell products easily. He starts to plot a scheme, but noticing the player, he quickly dismisses it.