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CoralIcon.png Coral
Age 15
Sex Female
Race Mermaid
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Superior Pot Merchant
Alias N/A
Location Bahn Hafen
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Coral is a mermaid who was captured by the Kartels, along with her friend Loca, but escaped. The name "Coral" is a nickname, since, according to herself, regular mermaid names are long and difficult to pronounce, and "Coral" sounded easier and cuter. She spends her time selling pots that people give to her.



Item Level Binding Cost
Coral's Ancient Card Pot.png Coral's Ancient Card Pot 1 99000 Goldicon.png Gold


Request Chat

  • Me? I'm Coral, local celebrity of this Bahn Hafen.
Excuse me? You think my name is a cliche? Hmpf, nicknames are supposed to be memorable.
My real name is too long and difficult to pronounce for that Human tongue of yours, anyway. So stop teasing me.
  • Wh-why are you looking at me like that? No. You're not trying to marry me off to a Merman and steal my money, are you?!
*Shriek* HELP! Prince Eric! Save me!
  • La, la, la~ó▄ This Human realm is heaven! Everyone believes what I feed them and spends their gold on knockoffs.
What should I sell this time for exorbitant prices? Ho, ho, ho! ó╜


  • Are you just going to walk on by?
  • I'll sell it to ya for a great price!
  • Where oh where could my prince be?
  • Please... help a poor mermaid out...

Conversation start

  • Nice to meet you! I love your feet!
  • Is this your first time seeing a mermaid? (Giggle)
  • Hey, know any cute boys you could set me up with?
  • I have great items. Buy some!

Conversation end

  • Watch out for waves!
  • See you next time.
  • (Sigh) I hope you find the love of your life.


CoralPortrait.png CoralChristmas.gif


  • In one of her conversations, it is shown that Coral dislikes Beren Vonnegut, regarding him as "slimy" and possibly trying to get something from her.