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Berserk Dragon Hismar

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The Berserk Dragon

The Berserk Dragon Hismar is one of the three Great Dragons that the Apostle Bakal sent down to the Arad Continent. He was defeated long before the events of the story by the Pelos Empire heroes Ozma and Kazan. It is rumored, even long after his death, his roars can still be heard across the continent in the form of the item, Berserk Dragon Cry.png Berserk Dragon Cry.

Although the adult version of Hismar cannot be combated in-game, a younger version of himself can be fought in the dungeon Naissance in the region Time Gate.


Ozma and Kazan vs Hismar

In Arad Year 100, Hismar was transferred to the Arad Continent by the Dragon Tyrant Bakal to strengthen the races of Arad. Upon his arrival, the Berserk Dragon attacked the Pelos Empire, laying waste to its surroundings with its powerful roars. In response to the attack, the Empire launched a campaign to oust the dragon from the land.

In Arad Year 152, the Empire's strongest wizard and general, Ozma and Kazan, led an attack to kill the dragon. After a long and fierce battle, the two succeeded. The resulting struggle brought glory to heroes and brought the Pelos Empire to new heights.

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Hismar portrayed in The Will of Fighters Comic

Hismar's Death

Hismar during the Machine Revolution