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Cursed Quake

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Cursed Quake.png Cursed Quake

Awakening Active Skill

Male Brawler

Command: Upkey.pngUpkey.pngDownkey.pngDownkey.pngZ.png
Prerequisite Level: 50
Prerequisite Skills: None


Creates an explosion by dragging a hook across the ground and dropping a large stone, dealing significant damage to enemies. The explosion creates a flaming area, Burn (Status).png Burning enemies within range.
When this skill reaches certain skill ranks it gains bonus properties:

  • Level 3: The flaming area also Poison (Status).png Poisons its targets.
  • Level 6: Makes you Invincibility (Status).png Invincible for its duration, and Bleeding (Status).png Bleeds the enemies caught up in the initial explosion.
  • Level 9: Fully loads your projectiles.


  • SP per level: 0
  • Master Level: 30
  • Max Level: 40
  • Casting Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: 145 sec.
  • This skill consumes 5 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • MP -2.0% Cooldown -1.0% on Command


  • The first explosion tosses enemies towards the center of the move, so you don't have to try to catch enemies in the middle.
    • However, this drag effect only applies to non-Super Armor (Status).png Super Armored enemies.
  • The chains used in the move are non-damaging.
  • This skill is not limited by terrain.
  • The level 9 effect fully loads Poison Throw.png Poison Throw, Needle Throw.png Needle Throw, Block Throw.png Block Throw, and Net Throw.png Net Throw upon casting Cursed Quake.png Cursed Quake.
    • The automatic reload will not apply to any Throwing skill that is currently on cooldown.

Skill Growth

Note: This table has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


Level Lv Req MP Ground
Explosion Atk.
Burn (Status).png Burn Atk.
per Sec.
Poison (Status).png Poison Atk.
per Sec.
Bleeding (Status).png Bleeding
1 50 900 16423% 23405% 68% -% -%
2 55 1071 20232% 28832% 84% -% -%
3 60 1241 24040% 34259% 100% 100% -%
4 65 1412 27849% 39686% 116% 116% -%
5 70 1583 31658% 45113% 132% 132% -%
6 75 1753 35466% 50540% 148% 148% 886%
7 80 1924 39275% 55967% 163% 163% 981%
8 85 2095 43084% 61394% 179% 179% 1077%
9 90 2265 46892% 66821% 195% 195% 1172%
10 95 2436 50701% 72248% 211% 211% 1267%
11 100 2607 54510% 77675% 227% 227% 1362%
12 105 2777 58318% 83102% 243% 243% 1458%
13 110 2948 62127% 88529% 259% 259% 1553%
14 115 3119 65936% 93956% 274% 274% 1648%
15 120 3289 69744% 99383% 290% 290% 1743%

Note: This table has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations. }}

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