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Grand Blue Lore Order

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The Grand Blue Lore Order, often shortened to the GBL Order or just GBL, is a religious order of scholars who seek to collect and study all knowledge across the world in order to achieve ultimate knowledge. Their shrine is located atop the floating whale of Behemoth.


A portion of GBL's shrine on the top of Behemoth.

The GBL Order was initially founded by a scholar named Leslie Bagrans, who discovered the remnants of an ancient civilization on the back of Behemoth. She traveled the world on the back of Behemoth in order to consolidate all information and attain ultimate knowledge. On the realization of her fealty of her mission, she established the Grand Blue Lore in the hopes that her followers would carry on her mission.

After her death, many scholars followed the same path that she did in order to attain enlightenment, and eventually built a shrine on Behemoth. During this time, the order's direction had shifted significantly from Leslie Bagran's original intentions. Many new unusual additions were added alongside the shrine on Behemoth, including the incorporation of a prison and an armory containing highly advanced weaponry and armaments.

At some point between then and the Adventurer's arrival in Arad, Ophelia Bagrans becomes leaders of the order.

By the time the Adventurer arrives in Arad, Behemoth and the GBL Order was sezied by Apostle Lotus, who mind-controlled many GBL followers and sent them into a bloodthirsty killing spree. Through a joint effort between the Empire, Ophelia, and several adventurers, Lotus is stopped before it is able to control Behemoth's mind and wreak havoc across Arad.

Mirror Arad

In Mirror Arad, Lotus is sealed away by the surviving members of the GBL order atop Behemoth, however this seal eventually becomes deteriorated as Lotus attempts to drive Behemoth into the ocean in order to gain full power. This time, Lotus is foiled by Master Siran, Zanbato Aganzo, Vaughn Walshuted, and Hartz von Krueger and several of his soldiers as well as multiple adventurers.

Notable Members

  • Leslie Bagrans — Founder.
  • Ophelia Bagrans — Current leader.
  • Isadora — Head librarian. She succumbs to the mind-control effects of Lotus and is slain by the Adventurer. Within the Mirror Arad however, she is one of the surviving members of Lotus's initial attack.
  • Vangelis — Succumbs to the mind-control effects of Lotus, but is not seen in-game. Within the Mirror Arad, he is the leader of the remnants of the GBL's military.
  • Arbitrator Marcellus — Leader of the Bloody Purge, a secret sect of the GBL Order. He, along with other members of the GBL, organized a death band during Lotus's attack and allowed other members to retreat safely. He eventually succumbs to Lotus and is slain in the Chamber of Blood.