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Zanbato Aganzo

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AganzoIcon.png Zanbato Aganzo
Age 35 (Screaming Cavern)
Unknown (Currently)
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Legendary Grand Master (Zanbato)
Alias N/A
Location Moonlight Tavern in Hendon Myre
Northern Shelter (Mirror Arad)
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Zanbato Aganzo is one of the four legendary Grand Masters known for his usage of a Zanbato fought against Apostle Sirocco during the Screaming Cavern Incident as he's a vital piece through out the Time Gate's quest-line. In Season 6, Aganzo is heavily involved in the Abysmal Sky Tower quest-line when Sirocco is resurrected by the Grim Seekers.

He is also a frequent Moonlight Tavern vistior, often drinking by himself. His Mirror Arad counterpart resides in the Northern Shelter, helping to repel the influence of the Black Nightmare.





Request Chat

  • ... I've grown soft.
  • I need some quiet. Please don't talk loudly.
  • It's not important what you're carrying. What matters is whether or not you're strong enough to bear its weight.
...Ah, maybe it was too much for me to say that.
  • Every path you choose creates regret. Walk the path you think is the most suitable for you. It'll create fewer regrets than most.

Request Chat (Pre-Oculus)

  • A secret messenger came from the Principality to recruit me for an investigation. I can't tell you the details, but soon I'll be heading out to Northern Bel Myre.
  • Sirocco... What I remembered there... I feel like I can almost see it in a corner of my mind... What did I lose?
Aaah... Yes... Her name was...

Request Chat (Post-Sirocco's Resurrection)

  • He's quietly staring at the broken Sya spaulders in his hands.
  • ...Please leave. I want to be left alone for now.
  • Yes, finally I remembered the things that were always so hazy to me. Thay day, she released her chain and lunged at Sirocco, only to be swallowed by her.
The others completely forgot about Roxy, but I didn't. It's probably because I couldn't accept her death. When you can't accept the truth, you either go mad or curse God. But eventually, the time comes when you have no other choice but to accept it.
  • It seems that only you and I remember on what happened that da, being the only two who got close to Sirocco's real form.
I'm going to carry her memory for the rest of my life, no matter how painful it is. I never want to forget her again.

Conversation start

Conversation end



Aganzo's original portrait Aganzo's portrait during the Metastasis Aganzo's portrait after the Origin update
Aganzo Profile.jpg Aganzoingame.png Aganzo Origin Full Body.jpg


Default Origin in Moonlight Tavern AganzoOriginSummer.gif AganzoOriginHalloween.gif AganzoOriginChristmas.gif AganzoOriginLunar.gif AganzoRoxy.gif

Mirror Arad Default AganzoMirrorSummer.gif AganzoMirrorHalloween.gif AganzoChristmas.gif AganzoMirrorLunar.gif


  • His sword appeared as a Level 40 Unique weapon.
  • In older versions of DFO, he was originally a boss when Moonlight Tavern was featured as a dungeon.
  • Aganzo's name is a Spanish Surname and could be derived from a real-world former Soccer player.
  • He also appears as a supportive character in "Arad Senki: Slap up Party".