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Hazy-Eyed Bremen

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Hazy-Eyed Bremen.png Hazy-Eyed Bremen

Active Skill

Soul Bender

Command: Downkey.pngDownkey.png+Spacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 15
Prerequisite Skills: Kazan.png Kazan Lv1


Summons Bremen, who lowers the abnormal status resistance and intensifies Physical/Magical damage on enemies.
This skill's effects remain for a while even if the targets go out of range.
Summoning Bremen, while another persists, moves the older version to your current location, renewing its duration.

Phantom Mastery.png Phantom Mastery Effects:
Replaces summoning effect, changing into a Passive skill that intensifies damage on enemies and decreases their Abnormal Status Tolerances.


  • SP per level: 50
  • Master Level: 1
  • Max Level: 11
  • Cast Time: 0.4 sec
  • Cooldown: 6 sec.
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill
  • Out-of-Range Enemy Effect Duration: 10 sec.
  • Damage Intensification Duration: 10 sec.
  • Party Synergy:
    • Damage Intensification: +34%
      • (Up to 1 Party Synergy effect can be applied at the same time to your entire party except for you.)


  • Efficient skill to use to deal heavy magical damage on targets.
  • Due to high number of skills relying on magical damage, strongly recommended for Soul Bender.
  • Should there be multiple Hazy-Eyed Bremen.png Bremen summoned to the field, only the high leveled Hazy-Eyed Bremen.png Bremen's effect remains intact.
  • Can be improved with Hazy-Eyed Bremen Upgrade.png Hazy-Eyed Bremen Upgrade.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Duration Abnormal Status
1 15 40 29.5 sec. -80 +24%
2 18 100 30 sec. -84 +25%
3 21 161 30.5 sec. -88 +26%
4 24 221 31 sec. -92 +27%
5 27 281 31.5 sec. -96 +28%
6 30 342 32 sec. -100 +29%
7 33 402 32.5 sec. -104 +30%
8 36 462 33 sec. -108 +31%
9 39 523 33.5 sec. -112 +32%
10 42 583 34 sec. -116 +33%
11 45 643 34.5 sec. -120 +34%
  • Note:The table above has been generated based off of skill growth information presented in-game. The data may have slight differences compared to the information presented in-game due to minor rounding variations.


Soul Bender Skills
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Male Slayer Skills
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General Skills
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