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Light Castellan Sieghart

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Icon-Light Castellan Sieghart.png
Light Castellan Sieghart
Light Castellan Sieghart.png
Portrait of Light Castellan Sieghart

Light Castellan Sieghart is the boss of Castellan's Chamber. Essentially a floating armor imbued with the power of Light. Employs many light-based attacks.

Move List

  • Light Beam: Fires a 2-hit wide light beam from his hand. X-axis reach is unlimited. May cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) on hit.
  • Light Sword: Slashes in front of him with his lightsabre. May cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) on hit.
  • Light Nova: Casts an expanding ring of light energy in a small circular area around him. Inflicts light damage to everything it hits. May cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) on hit.
  • Light Storm: Floats into the air and summons 12-20 bolts of lightning to strike random areas under him, marked by yellow spell circles. Sieghart is invincible during this attack, and he may attack more times in mid-air before descending. May cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) on hit.
  • Has Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) when attacking.
  • Cannot be launched or grabbed.


  • All his attacks cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status); a prolonged fight with him is deadly as his attacks deal more and more damage to you the more you get hit. Light Storm, in particular, will amplify Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) several times over - being hit by this attack is most likely a one-hit kill.
  • Light Beam must be avoided by moving on the Y-axis. It has unlimited X-axis reach. Listen for his voice commands.
  • Sieghart has voice commands before casting his spells. Try using his voice warnings to predict and dodge his attacks if you are not attacking him.
  • He can be stunlocked in a corner if you attack him fast enough.
  • Black Manteau.png Black Manteau and Grab Cannon (Female).png Grab Cannon can interrupt his attacks, but otherwise most grabs do not work on him.
  • Is highly resistant to light damage, but weak against shadow damage.