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Outermost Sanctum Edge

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Outermost Sanctum Edge
Outermost Sanctum Edge.png
Location Arad
Level Requirement 100
NPCs Blacksmith Creo, Oberith Rosenbach, Lucille Redmayne
Areas Lemidios' Sanctum
Chest Town
Herring Archipelago

Outermost Sanctum Edge or War of the Saints (Korean: 성역 최외곽), is a Priest Order encampment outpost located at the edge of Roschest's outskirts to keep civilians safe from the energy of Chaos looming over Lemidios' Sanctum, which has been brought forth by Michael of the Holy Eye sometime after the events surrounding Ozma's defeat during the Black Order Resurgence Arc.

War of the Saints Act Quests takes center as the main scenario, as two opposing parishes Lemidia Basilica and Capella prepare to face off against each other on whether Apostle Michael either deserves to be protected, or be killed.

Adventurers can travel to Outermost Sanctum Edge from Destroyed Chest Town upon accepting the Act Quest Act Quest Icon.png Ominous Light and be Level 100. The Philasia's Control Panel can also be used to travel here.


Town Background

The Priest Order sets up an outpost on the edge of Roschest to protect civilians from the dangerous beings in the Sanctum. But then, the festering wound among its own members becomes the biggest threat, turning all of them against each other. [1]


Town BGM:


Outermost Sanctum Edge

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Blacksmith Creo Blacksmith Creo Priest Order Blacksmith
Equipment Merchant
Outpost Middle Section
Oberith Rosenbach Archpriestess Lemidia Basilica Outpost (Left)
Lucille Redmayne Lucille Redmayne Grand Inquisitor Lemidia Capella Outpost (Right)