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Seven Shards

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The Seven Shards are the inheritors of the Seven Meisters or the Seven Great Machinists. They are a group of the most intellectual and technological minds of Empyrean.


The Original 7 Meisters

The Machine Revolution

The Empyrean War

Notable Members

  • The Seven Meisters:
    • Teneb — Leader of the Seven Meisters. Upon learning the true identity of Meister Eldirh and her plan of destroying Arad, Teneb made a deal with Bakal to sabotage the 'Gaebolg' Project, making a tragedy significant enough to encourage future generations to become stronger than Hilder's expectations; strong enough to defeat Hilder and Cain. With no one knowing of his sacrifice, he was branded the greatest traitor in Empyrean history.
    • Curio — He was known for creating the technology to transfer objects to and from a different dimension. In Teneb's deal with Bakal, Curio was chosen as the one to carry on the 7 Meister's technology and legacy to future generations. After barely escaping with his life, he transferred the remains of the Gaebolg to a different dimension along with the Meister's research and achievements. Shortly after, he was killed by Bakal's minions.
    • Jenne — The wife of Teneb, and mother of his child. Upon hearing of Teneb's betrayal, she left her child with Audruiz and killed herself.
    • Volgan — Although, the Gaebolg Project was sabotaged, Volgan used it to fight Bakal during the attack. However, Volgan along with the Project were annihilated.
    • Lati — Died of shock upon learning the Gaebolg project being destroyed.
    • Audruiz — The only surviving member of Bakal's attack. She was given Teneb and Jenne's child.
    • Eldirh — The originator of the Gaebolg project and a user of the fabled "magic." Actually Hilder in disguise. She mysteriously disappeared 2 days before Bakal's attack.
  • The Seven Shards:
    • Melvin Richter — The youngest of the current generation of the Seven Shards. He had a fierce rivalry with Gizel and plays a key role in the Empyrean War.
    • Gizel Logan — (Former) He left due to the Seven Shards's strict policies and a tantalizing deal from a mysterious woman, becoming a key member of the Kartel.
    • Farrel Wane — Known as being the creator of the Land Runner. He plays a key role in the Subjugation of Anton.
    • Meryl Pioneer — A descendent of Audruiz. She plays a key role in exploring the Castle of the Dead.
    • Naen Siger — A student of Meryl. She plays a key role in the Subjugation of Anton.
    • Hugh Fitzlary — Known for his specialty in explosives. Has a very keen interest in magic and the Underworld. During the Kartel's invasion of Ghent, he recommended that they request help from the Arad Continent in the Empyrean War, resulting in Marlene Kitzka's arrival in West Coast. After the road to the Underworld opened, he voluntarily served as an Empyrean representative to the underworld at the behalf of Colonel Lyonir. He plays a key role in the Empyrean Civil War.
    • Lindsey Rossum — A noblewoman from Northpiece. The main goal of her research was to create a new source of energy in Wespiece to lessen the dependence on Eaton as well as decrease the amount of discrimination toward the people of the Lawless District. She plays a key role in the Empyrean Civil War.