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Neiser, the Black Dragon

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Neiser, the Black Dragon
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Dragon
Affiliation Dragonoid Legion - The Four Dragonoids
Occupation Bakal's Bodyguard
Dragonoid Legion Commander
Alias N/A
Location Castle of Bakal
Forest of Death
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:
네이저 Heungnyong Neijeo, "Black Dragon Neiser"

Chinese Ver.:

Japanese Ver.:
Likeability N/A

Neiser, the Black Dragon (Korean: 흑룡 네이저 Heungnyong Neijeo) is one of the many tertiary antagonists of Dungeon Fighter Online and serves a mini-boss of Castle of Bakal in the Otherverse and the boss of the Forest of Death in the Ispins, The Usurped Lands.

He was a member of the Four Dragonoids, which were a select group of four powerful Dragonoids who served directly under the Dragon Tyrant Bakal and led the Dragonoid Legion that occupies the Empyrean continent of Ispins during the Empyrean Age of Darkness. According to Empyrean history, it is said that he along with the other members of the Four perished during the Machine Revolution.


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(Official Localization)

Neiser the Black Dragon

One of the three strongest dragons that protect their king Bakal's castle.
Neiser is more faithful to Bakal than any other dragons.
People often mistake his calm, polite tones for kindness. Actually, he's cold and sinister.
Instead of physical conflict, he prefers using his power of darkness to magically attack his enemies or set dark spirits on them.

— Source: DFU[1]

Story Excerpt:

흑룡 네이저 (Black dragon, Nagor)

본래 강자의 삶이란 퍽 권태로운 것이어서, 네이저의 시간은 언제나 무료했다.
네이저는 시끄러운 것들이 싫었다.
이유는 그 자신도 몰랐을뿐더러 취향의 제한이란 그에게 딱히 신경 쓸만한 일도 아니었다.
오로지 바라는대로 움직이는 어린 아이와 같은 폭력이 곧 흑룡의 생이었으니.
다만 어디까지 가야 끝날지 모르는 어둠, 그 안에 등대하고 있는 침묵만이 네이저의 유일한 친구이자 일상이었다.

하지만 변화란 것은 상대를 구분하지 않는 법이라, 네이저 또한 닥쳐오는 변화를 피해 갈 순 없었다.
그렇게 자신의 고요한 처소에서 벗어나 바칼의 명에 따라 자리한 곳.
활기 가득한 천계의 숲은 네이저에겐 단지 소란스러운 곳일 따름이었다.
풀벌레 소리, 바람이 나뭇잎을 흔들어 놓는 소리, 호수 물가 고기들 첨벙이는 소리.
말 그대로 온갖 생명들이 아우성치고 있었다.
그 경악할만한 광경에 네이저는 결심을 하나 했는데,
귀를 간지럽히는 것들을 조금은 '정숙하게' 만들기로 한 것이었다.
이는 지리한 시간을 즐기던 그에게는 꽤 큰 결심이었기로서니,
귀찮겠지만 필요한 일이리라, 네이저는 크게 숨을 들이켜며 자신을 설득했다.

이내, 살아 있는 것들을 '정숙하게' 바꾸는 일은 예고 없이 시작되었다.
그 모든 일들은 마치 집 청소를 하거나, 가구를 옮기는 따위의 일상처럼 행해졌다.
다만 예상치 못하게 그를 괴롭힌 것이 있었으니, '인간'이라는 부나방 같은 것들이었다.
이들은 시끄럽기로는 제일이거니와, 굉음을 내는 철 쪼가리들을 가져와 소중한 침묵을 어지럽혔다.
천계의 숲을 되찾겠다느니, 이 땅에서 물러나라는 따위의 말에 네이저는 노이로제가 걸릴 지경이었다.
결국, 그는 정말로 어쩔 수 없이 인간들을 보이는 족족 박멸하기 시작했다.
잔일을 하듯 그들하나하나를 소리없이 움직이는 암흑 정령으로 빚어냈다.
암흑 정령들은 네이저의 명에 따라 한때 동족이었던 것들을 다시 지금의 동족으로 바꾸었다.
그렇게 초인, 아니 초룡적인 노력-물론 네이저의 기준으로-끝에 드디어 인간들도 차분하게 누워있는 법을 배워가니,
네이저는 처음으로 자신이 힘들여 가꾼 이곳이 마음에 들었다.

"어째서... 이런 짓을..."

인간 하나가 파르르 떤다.
작은 단말마에 네이저는 혀를 찼다.
힘들게 가꾸어 놓은 숲을 왜 이리도 싫어하는지, 그 불합리함에 오히려 묻고 싶었다.
500년 동안 인간들은 쉬지 않고 떠들어댔고, 이제야 겨우 고요를 즐길 수 있게 된 참이니.
네이저는 투덜대며 볼륨을 끄듯 인간의 머리를 발로 짓이기기 시작했다.

부나방 같은 것들.
그저 달려들 뿐인 것들.
영원한 불꽃?
그러나 여기 어디 빛이 있으며, 뛰어들 불이 있느냐.
쓸데없이 정열적인 것들.
이곳은 암흑의 땅이고, 곧 죽음의 숲이야.
한 줌의 정열조차 허용되지 않는 온전한 밤이야.
침묵만이 가득한, 나의 소중한...

그 발아래서, 천계의 땅은 애도하듯 묵묵히 한 병사의 피를 삼켜낼 뿐이었다.

— Source: 시즌 8 Act 2. 빼앗긴 땅, 이스핀즈[2]


Original History

Revised History - Origin

As an Enemy

Icon-Neiser, the Black Dragon.png
Neiser, the Black Dragon
Neiser Ispins Phase1.gif
TypeDragon.png TypeHuman.png

Move Set

Phase 1 - 2

  • Dark Spirit Summon: One of Neiser's main core patterns. During the beginning of Phase 1, Neiser places his Spear within the map's middle section that will attract several White Icon-Stalker.png Stalkers from either the left or right side towards it. While they cannot be damaged by normal means, colliding into a Spirit can stun for them for a bit, where they'll leave a white circle beneath them. Stepping into that circle and staying on it for 3 seconds, lets the player absorb the spirit which not only restore 10% of their MP and increases movement speed, it'll also bring up a meter gauge for that spirit absorption.
Absorbing three Dark Spirits in total, temporarily offers an ability to traverse through one of four portals that allows access to eight more rooms that functions in similarity to Numak's Phase 2 Berserk patterns, but this is only for the spawning Dark Flowers and Black Tombstones which is very crucial to deal with. Once the gauge empties out, the outside rooms turn white and there'll be a large eye in the background firing down lasers at anyone. If a Dark Spirit reaches Neiser's Spear, it'll transform into a targeted explosion attack.
  • Dark Eye: Somewhat of an updated version of his Destructive Dagger from Castle of Bakal, Neiser uses the floating eyes above him to generate smaller spears that's capable of firing out in several different directions and inflicts a Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status) if players are hit by one or more of them. This is the only attack Neiser will use through both phases until reaching his last one.
  • Dark Flower: The second of Neiser's core patterns. When 30 seconds go by, a blue sphere appears on the map, showing that a flower has randomly spawned at any outside room that's capable of disrupting players with its thorns throughout the entire fight. These flowers can be destroyed easily at anytime if players absorbed enough Dark Spirits and entered the outside rooms.
  • Dark Explosion: When reaching 85% HP and identical to one of Ash Core's patterns, Neiser will summon down five spears that surrounds him, creates a circular slate within his range, then charges up to do a secondary room side explosion outside the circle.

Phase 2

  • Dark Tombstone: The third and last of Neiser's core patterns. Similar to Dark Flower, a red sphere will appear on the map that indicates a violet tombstone has randomly spawned in either separate, or in the same room with those flowers. These are able to summon dark flames on the ground that's also familiar with his Otherverse pattern.
  • Spinning Dark Spears: Around 85% HP, Neiser summons five Dark Spears that spin around in a tornado-like motion, and its blast radius in the form of red circles increases over time. To prevent any potential party-wipes or fatal damage, hitting any of the spears can not only stop it and shrink the circle's range, but offers a safe-zone once the pattern is finished.
  • Black Shock Wave: At 20%, Neiser begins a series of throwing down rows of Dark Spears four times in a row that creates shockwaves that deals heavy damage upon each hit. After the shockwaves are finished, those spears will explode at the locations each were placed at.

Phase 3 (Crying)

  • During the beginning of his final phase, the room darkens for a bit, while Neiser grabs his Spear and begins to heavily rely on firing out volleys of Dark Spears and Dark Flames now seen with a dark red tint instead of the usual purple color from previous phases. Players should run towards a red circle that isn't covered in darkness, before he'll land within that area to slam down. He can also launch the spears in various hexagonal patterns with empty spaces that act like safe-zones to avoid being hit by them, as it inflicts moderate to heavy damage with Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status) involved. Due to his excessive pattern usage and desperation to kill everyone, Neiser's HP slowly decreases over time, which can result in an automatic victory if it reaches zero.


  • Overall, Neiser is perhaps one of the easier Ispins bosses to fight in terms of party play if everyone prefers skipping the Dark Flower & Black Tombstone patterns through cooperation, which can be rather annoying to micromanage during solo play.
  • Don't absorb a fourth Dark Spirit, as this both nullifies your traverse ability and empties out the gauge's meter instantly.
  • Classes who excel at multi-hits, regardless if it's skills or X-Strings, can easily destroy Dark Flowers & Black Tombstones.
  • Choosing not to clear every room of flowers spawning, results in an automatic party-wipe.

Elemental Resist/Weakness



  • "You came all the way here to die?" (Encounter #1)

Dark Eye

  • ???

Dark Explosion

  • "Hah, hah...hah hah hah!"

Phase 2

  • "Playtime is over." (Entering Phase 2)

Spinning Dark Spears

  • "Hah, hah. I'll show you what it's like to die." (On cast)

Black Shock Waves

  • "Kneel before me!"

Phase 3

  • "Grrr! You gnats!"
  • "You'll regret ever challenging me!"


  • "Lord Bakal..."





Neiser's Otherverse Art Neiser's Ispins Art


Castle of Bakal Ispins Phase 1 Ispins Phase 2


  • Neiser's character and design motif is based on the Black Dragon from Dungeons & Dragons.