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Blood Riven

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Blood Riven.png Blood Riven

2nd Awakening Active Skill


Command: Downkey.pngUpkey.pngRightkey.pngRightkey.png+Z.png
Prerequisite Level: 85
Prerequisite Skills: None


Lets his inner demon take over; charges forward and explodes Blood, obliterating the targets in the area.


  • SP per level: 300 first level, 200 per level afterwards
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds
  • This skill consumes 10 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • Assault Multi-hit count maximum:5 hits


  • Stun nearby enemies once the transformation is complete.
  • Enemies hit during the charge are pushed in the same direction the berserker is facing.
  • Holding backwards while transforming will reduce the charge distance.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Blood Majin Attack
Assault Explosion
1 85 2500
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
2 90 2586
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
3 95 2672
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
4 100 2692
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
5 105 2756
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
6 110 2820
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100


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