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Blood Boom

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Blood Boom.png Blood Boom

2nd Awakening Active Skill


Command: Rightkey.pngLeftkey.pngRightkey.png+Z.png
Prerequisite Level: 75
Prerequisite Skills: None


The Blood Evil lets his blood boil with anger; consumes HP and explodes Blood to attack a wide area.


  • SP per level: 80
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds
  • This skill consumes 3 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • Minimum HP requirement:10%
  • Hp consumption on explosion:5%


  • Inflicts Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status).
  • Increased attack power on bleeding enemies.
  • Increased damage when the Blood Evil’s HP is low.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Blood Explosion Attack Bleeding (Status).png Bleeding (Status) Bonus attack against bleeding enemies Bonus attack per 1% missing hp
Level Chance Duration Attack
1 75 580
max-width:200px 100
77 100% 3 secs 8672 +10% 1%
2 77 660
max-width:200px 100
79 8976 +11% 1.1%
3 79 740
max-width:200px 100
81 9268 +12% 1.2%
4 81 820
max-width:200px 100
83 9573 +13% 1.3%
5 83 900
max-width:200px 100
85 9877 +14% 1.4%
6 85 980
max-width:200px 100
87 10182 +15% 1.5%
7 87 1060
max-width:200px 100
89 10474 +16% 1.6%
8 89 1140
max-width:200px 100
91 10791 +17% 1.7%


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