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Dark Side (Act Quests) — Origin

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Repeating the Black Crusade

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Level 100
Quest Giver Teida
Dungeon Town Chest Town
Objectives Talk to Grandis in Chest Town where all the forces have gathered to fight a holy war.
  • Expicon.png xx Exp
  • Goldicon.png 11088 Gold
Notes Cutscene

Saint's Cross

Level 100
Quest Giver Lucille Redmayne
Dungeon Beyond Chaos Gate
Objectives Enter the Chaos Gate that's open.
  • Expicon.png xx Exp
  • Goldicon.png 11088 Gold
Notes Unlock Saint's Land(area) and Otherworldly Dark Side(dungeons).
  • From this quest onwards, questline will differ depending on character's choice to go with either the Imperial Army or Inquisition. Fixed path choice depending on character class.