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Pandemonium War

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Pandemonium War
Location Pandemonium - East Harlem
Min. Level 95
Level 95
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Black-Eyed Sarpoza

Pandemonium War is a special dungeon featured in Dungeon Fighter Online that first introduces the Talisman & Rune System.

Located in East Harlem where the Kashipa Headquarters are located, following the conclusion of Prey-Isys Raid, It can be accessed through a exclusive channel inside Elting Memorial after players have reached Level 95 and completed the scenario through accepting Act Quest Icon.png CounterattackEpic Quest Icon.png Counterattack from Monica of the Library.

Entry Requirements & Rules

  • Availability: Pandemonium War is opened everyday.
  • Weekly/Daily Rewards Count: Can be cleared once a week, resets on Tuesdays.
  • Level Required: 95 - 110.
  • Entry Requirement: 8 Fatigue Points.
  • Player Amount: Can be done Solo, or with 4 Players in total.
  • Quest Needed: Finish Act Quest Icon.png Going HomeEpic Quest Icon.png Going Home to gain access to the channel.
  • Time Limit: 50 Minutes.
  • Adventurer Fame:
    • Guide - 5,415
    • Normal - 7,113
    • Hard - 7,291
    • Challenge - 10,815

You can join the Pandemonium War channel and speak with Ikki the Vikki to create a party of 4 members or go solo through Guide Mode. Once everything is prepared, speak to Returning Razin outside of Elting Memorial on the right side to begin.


  • Resurrection-related skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • Life Token.png Life Token is limited to 4 per dungeon and shared among your party.
  • The following consumables are forbidden from being used:
    • Puppets.
    • Sacred Blessings, Heavenly HP Potions, Heavenly Potions, Divine Revival Formulas, and Immortality Formulas.

Talismans & Runes

Do check both Talismans & Runes pages respectively to see more and what's available for your class.


Normal Mode

Released in February 2020, Pandemonium War is Special Raid-like content that features either a 4-person or Solo player format where their main goal is to infiltrate East Harlem with a total of five subdungeons, including the Spire Throne and defeat Sarpoza as the main objective. However, that final dungeon cannot be easily accessed from the very start due to a two-level ward protecting it, unless the dungeons that have Key & Magic Pentacle icons above their location are cleared first, thus unlocking the Throne dungeon.

Optionally, there are two Sword & Shield icons that are also randomly placed on a subdungeon which grants a 15% damage increase twice upon clearing, being able to stack. As a small chance, Gizel's Laboratory appears a hidden area regardless of which dungeon you choose.


  • Upon defeating Sarpoza, he'll drop:
    • 42 random Common - Rare Runes.
  • The party will receive the following rewards via basic card flip yields:
    • 8 - 10 Rare or Unique Talismans.
    • If a Rare Talisman icon gleams, this signifies it's for your class.
    • A sound effect will play if you also receive your class' Unique Talisman.
  • Gold card flips can either yield:
    • 1 Unidentified Talisman [Talisman Name]
    • 1 Unique Talisman
    • 1 Pandemonium War monster card
    • 1 Kashipa's Decoration
  • With VIP Preminum:
    • 1 or 2 extra Runes

Hard Mode

Released along with Normal and Guide, Pandemonium War Hard Mode is mostly the same thing, except that there's only a few key differences.

Hard Mode Adjustments

  • All monsters (Mobs/Named/Bosses) have increased health.
  • Rewards for defeating Sarpoza & card flips are increased.

Rewards (Hard Mode)

  • Basic card flip yields:
    • 8 - 10 Rare or Unique Talismans.
    • 1 Pandemonium War monster card
    • 1 Kashipa's Decoration
  • Through an additional chance will generate:

Guide Mode

Released along with Normal and Hard, Pandemonium War offers a Guide Mode for solo-specific players. While functioning very similarly to it's original counterpart, there are several different changes to make it an easier experience.

Guide Mode Adjustments

  • Life Token.png Life Token use is unlimited.
  • 3 characters per account can be bound to run. (Formerly 2) - Changed in Season 6, Act 06. Sirocco the Intanglible.
  • Monsters' stats will be decreased & attack patterns partially alleviated.
  • Rewards are greatly reduced.

Guide Mode Rewards

  • 24 - 26 Random Common - Rare Runes.
  • 4 - 6 Rare or Unique Talismans.
  • Gold card flips yield:
    • 1 Pandemonium War monster card.
    • 1 Kashipa's Decoration
    • 1 Unidentified Talisman [Talisman Name]
    • 1 Unique Talisman
  • With VIP Premium:
  • 1 extra Rune.

Boss Monster Adjustments (Guide)

  • Snow White Tagor: The amount of blue lights during the hacking sequence in Dimensional Ward are lowered to two.
  • Direct Hitter Wordsworth: Triple Rush changed for one person to stand in the circles.
  • Black-Eyed Sarpoza: Armageddon Strike changed to where the orb blocking phase is needed to be done twice, one with the player and second with an elemental shield placed in the middle section.

Challenge Mode

Introduced within the Season 6 Act.03 update, Pandemonium War Challenge Mode is for the most part, a harder version of the original dungeon for Level 100 players who are aiming to test their abilities. While entry requirements remain unchanged, there are several adjustments brought upon this mode.

Challenge Mode Differences

  • Sword/Shield Dungeon buffs increases Atk. by 30% each totaling up to 60%.
  • Flag of the Alliance buff is disabled.
  • All monsters (Mobs/Named/Bosses) are given increased stats and deal more damage. The bosses in particular can activate their berserk pattern at anytime, so be prepared for anything.
  • The Berserk patterns for Wordsworth & Phase 1 Sarpoza are re-adjusted.
  • Rewards for defeating Sarpoza & card flips are increased.

Rewards (Challenge Mode)

  • 42 Common - Rare Runes
  • 8 - 10 Resplendent Rune Ore.png Resplendent Rune Ores.
  • 1 Lv. 100 Epic weapon, armor, accessory, or Special Equipment.
  • 1 Lv. 100 Tradable Legendary armor, accessory, or Special Equipment.
  • 1 Lv. 100 Product of Wisdom Epic Recipe.
  • Basic card flip yields:
  • Through an additional chance will generate:
  • Gold card flips yield:
    • 1 Pandemonium War monster card.
    • 1 Kashipa's Decoration.

Boss Monster Adjustments

  • White Rust Sisley: The Teeth Drills during Let's Play pattern has been sped up.
  • Snow White Tagor: Elimination Mode pattern adds a second laser beam and Dimensional Ward's hacking sequence time limit is much stricter.
  • Direct Hitter Wordsworth: Triple Rush removes the three circles and instead, he will randomly dash across the map's corners three times in total and the player must stand in a circle to block the oncoming third charge for his groggy phase to begin.
  • Black-Eyed Sarpoza: The first portion of Armageddon Strike is removed and skips to where he'll summon numerous elemental seals on the floor. The player is required to stand on those seals with the elemental mark they've received in a total of five times while deflecting the orbs upwards Sarpoza launches down at them.