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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Retexturization is a process by which Level 95 epic and Level 100 unique-mythic armor items can have their armor type/texture (cloth, leather, light armor, heavy armor, or plate armor) changed, altering the base stats (STR/INT/VIT/SPR) and armor mastery eligibility without affecting the other bonuses given by the equipment. Retexturized armor pieces can still contribute towards the set effects of the original armor, but only if the texture of every armor piece matches one another.

For example, if a player is wearing 2 pieces of the Merciless Ruler Set that have been retexturized to leather, and 1 piece of the same set that has not been retexturized, the 3-piece set effects will not be applied. However, a player wearing 3 pieces of the Merciless Ruler Set that have all been retexturized to leather will have the original 3-piece set effects applied.

Armor can be retexturized from the Retexturization menu at either NPCs Strawberry Nose Della, Roger Levin, Grandis (Sirocco Raid), or Kiri via Epic Processing System. Additionally, in the Retexturization menu, players may purchase Superior Cloth.png Superior Cloth, Superior Leather.png Superior Leather, Superior Bone.png Superior Bone, Superior Paving Stone.png Superior Paving Stone, Superior Iron.png Superior Iron, and Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardener, the first five of which are required materials for retexturizing. The cost per piece of each material is 1,400 Goldicon.png Gold plus either 1 Cloth Scrap.png Cloth Scrap, 1 Worn Leather.png Worn Leather, 1 Weathered Bone Fragment.png Weathered Bone Fragment, 1 Raw Paving Stone.png Raw Paving Stone, 1 Inferior Iron.png Rusty Iron Scrap, or 1 Raw Hardener.png Raw Hardener respectively.

As of the Season 8, Act 3. Update and following the removal of armor textures, retexturization has been completely been removed from the game.


There are two purposes to retexturization. The first purpose is to allow any character to utilize any armor set without sacrificing their class's armor mastery bonuses. The second purpose is to allow Crusaders and Enchantresses to obtain Crusader/Enchantress-specific bonuses from any armor set. Prior to Season 5 of DFO, most epic sets were at the very least viable on DPS and synergy classes, while Crusader gearing necessitated specific epic drops from Hell Mode. In Season 5, Crusader/Enchantress-specific bonuses can be added to any armor set simply by retexturizing it to plate armor.


Retexturization requires the following materials per armor piece retexturized:

Thus, the cost of retexturizing an entire armor set is:

Eligible Sets

Level 85 Armor are able to be retexturized in Season 6 after receiving Products of Wisdom:

Level 95 Armor:

Level 100 Armor (Including Mixed sets):






Sirocco Raid

  • Immateriality (Pants) from all five Fusion sets.

Ozma Raid

  • Shoulder, Shoes and Belt from all five Fusion sets.

Level 105 Armor: