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Black Crystal Fusion

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Future content.png This article is no longer being actively maintained because it contains content that is considered outdated.
Although it may still be in the game, its systems or features have been rendered unnecessary or useless by an update.

Black Crystal Fusion is a system introduced in the Season 6 - Act 01: The Ascension Patch that allows players to upgrade their Level 95 Fiend War Super Tayberrs Armor, Prey-Isys Raid's Black Sky Power Accessories/Specials and Level 100 Roschest Legendary Equipment into their Level 100 Equipment equivalents. This system can be only accessed through NPC Administrative Officer Dorothy in Chest Town.

As of Season 7, Act 01. The Next Journey, Dimension: Roschest Equipment has been rendered obsolete due to Dark Dimension's removal from the Global Client.

Upgrade Requirements

Applicable Equipment

Mother Nature's Breath Set

Slot Black Crystal Fusion Results
Head/Shoulder Fiercely Burning Flame.png Fiercely Burning Flame
Top Stout Land of Tolerance.png Stout Land of Tolerance
Belt Gentle Turquoise Waves.png Gentle Turquoise Waves
Bottom Encroached Breath of Vert.png Encroached Breath of Vert
Shoes Caressing Wind of Sunlight.png Caressing Wind of Sunlight

Elementalist's Accessory Set

Slot Black Crystal Fusion Results
Bracelet Blazing Demon- Salamander.png Blazing Demon: Salamander
Necklace Icy Cold Flame- Undine.png Icy Cold Flame: Undine
Ring Blessed Wind- Sylph.png Blessed Wind: Sylph

Normalizing Synchro Set

Slot Black Crystal Fusion Results
Sub Equipment Control Circuit Module.png Control Circuit Module
Earrings Electromagnetic Vacuum Tube.png Electromagnetic Vacuum Tube
Magic Stone Energy Distribution Controller.png Energy Distribution Controller


If you're planning on upgrading an entire set (i.e. Normalizing Synchro, Elementalist's Accessory) or individual set pieces (Mother Nature), more Black Crystals will be needed to meet those requirements.

Notes & Restrictions

  • <!> Black Crystal Fusion Upgrades are irreversible once finalized, do make your decisions carefully. <!>
  • The Equipment's grade may likely be different depending on the option change slightly, but this doesn't apply towards the highest grade that's 100%.
  • Tradeable Roschest Legendary Equipment regardless of it being sealed or not, is ineligable for upgrades.
  • Refined Black Crystal.png Refined Black Crystals that were included in the Equipment Farming Improvement via Watcher in the Rift patch, can be helpful for new and existing players when running Roschest Dungeons.
  • Outside of Black Purgatory's Products of Corruption, upgrading through Dorothy and Mythics, Black Crystal Equipment cannot be normally obtained in Guide of Wisdom, Watcher in the Rift / Guide of Extinction or opening specific epic pots.
  • Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment levels can be transferred over, but they will require more Engraving Stones to keep their values from decreasing, yet reinforcement bonuses cannot be transferred.
  • If you're upgrading to Mother Nature's Breath Set, the Super Tayberrs armor that was Retexturized will carry over.