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Darkness in the Forest

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Act Quest Icon.png Darkness in the Forest
Type Act Quest
Quest Line Gran Flores (Act Quests)
Level Req. 15
Area - Dungeon / Town Grand Flores - Shadow Thunderland
Quest Giver Seria

  • Expicon.png 123,389 Exp
  • Items rewarded based on condition:
Subclass Armor Mastery (Cloth)Subclass Armor Mastery (Leather)Subclass Armor Mastery (Light)Subclass Armor Mastery (Heavy)Subclass Armor Mastery (Plate)Subclass Primary Weapon (Slayer/Dark Knight/Knight)Subclass Primary Weapon (Fighter)Subclass Primary Weapon (Gunner)Subclass Primary Weapon (Mage/Creator)Subclass Primary Weapon (Priest)Subclass Primary Weapon (Thief)Subclass Primary Weapon (Demonic Lancer)Subclass Primary Weapon (Agent)
Previous Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png The Path into the Deep Forest
Next Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png The Great Pentacle

Darkness in the Forest is the ninth quest of the Gran Flores Act Quest storyline.



Shadow Thunderland
1 Map SE.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png
2 Map N.png Map NE.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

Icon-Ghoulguish.png Ghoulguish




Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Something in the depths of Grand Flores is so dangerous that Shauta and Binoche were desperate to stop it. What do you think it is? We only took a few steps into this place, and I'm already feeling chills from the sinister energy in the air.

Oh, I think something's going on over there. Adventurer, can we go check?


(Upon entering the Dungeon)

(As the Adventurer and Seria venture deeper into the forest, a swarm of creatures approach them.)

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Ah! They're the restless dead!

Oh, no... Who knew such darkness would exist in the depths of the forest?

This explains what Binoche said.

(Upon entering Room A1)

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Why are there so many zombies wandering in this forest? Who has reanimated the dead?

What's more terrifying is that I can sense an energy more evil than these zombies spreading from somewhere in this forest.

Adventurer, please be careful.

(Upon entering the Boss Room)
(In the distance, a ghoul-like creature is seen in front of a pentacle. From the pentacle, icy magic energy erupts bringing forth a swarm of zombies.)

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Ah, that scary energy that I've sensed is coming from that cave [sic]![t 1]

This cave [sic] is vibrating with energy. The Devolved Darkness must have meant this cave [sic].

By the way, what's the [sic] pentacle?

I think that pentacle is what keeps raising those zombies.

We must close the cave [sic], but... Adventurer, maybe it's smarter if we run.[t 2]

(Upon defeating the Boss)
(The defeated Ghoulguish collapses, but quickly reanimates due to the magic of the pentacle. Ghoulguish raises its staff, summoning an icy pentacle. Soon after, a swarm of zombies arise, and begin to chase after the party.)

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Ghoulguish cannot be killed as long as the pentacle exists.

Worse still, its growing evil energy is threatening the surrounding forests.

Adventurer, we'd better retreat for now.

We can't purge that pentacle without preparation.

(The Adventurer and Seria flee to a safe location.)


Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

We've escaped safely. Whew...


Translation Notes

  1. Context mistranslation of "굴". The localization uses the Sino-Korean "굴 (窟, lit. cave)" instead of the English transliteration "굴 (lit. Ghoul)".
  2. Context mistranslation of "막다". The localization uses the phrase "close the cave" instead of "stop the ghoul".
Quest Line
Gran Flores (Act Quests) Linus's Request • Return to Linus • The Legendary Albino Goblin • Owner of the Poison Spring • Berserk Mage Keraha • Grakqarak Expedition • Save Seria • The Path into the Deep Forest • Darkness in the Forest • The Great Pentacle • The Senior Adventurer's Advice • Fighting to Protect the Forest • Seria's Determination