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The Path into the Deep Forest

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Act Quest Icon.png The Path into the Deep Forest
Type Act Quest
Quest Line Gran Flores (Act Quests)
Level Req. 13
Area - Dungeon / Town Grand Flores - Blazing Grakqarak
Quest Giver Linus

  • Expicon.png 84,656 Exp
Previous Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Save Seria
Next Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Darkness in the Forest

The Path into the Deep Forest is the eighth quest of the Gran Flores Act Quest storyline.



Blazing Grakqarak
1 Map S.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png
2 Map NE.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png
3 Map Blank.png Map NE.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

Icon-Flaming Binoche.png Flaming Binoche




Linus-Face3.png Linus

Seria! You're safe. Are you not hurt?

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

No. Thank you for your concern. Shauta didn't hurt me... at least until this adventurer showed up.

Linus-Face3.png Linus

I see. Adventurer, thank you so much. You saved her life.

By the way, Seria, why did the Tau King take you? He never left the forest since the Great Fire. Why did he come out all the way to Elvenguard?

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

...The Metastasis. Ever since it started, scary monsters have appeared and been terrorizing the people everywhere in Arad. This Grand Flores is not an exception.

Shauta said sinister entities had appeared in the depths of Grand Flores. I think he needed me to stop the peril his forest was facing.

...Even though the terrible accident completely changed him, his loyalty to his forest remains, compelling him to protect it. He asked me to fix the Great Pentacle that protects the forest.

Linus-Face2.png Linus

The Great Pentacle? Great Mage Myre created that. If he thought you could fix that, he's crazy. Tsk, tsk.

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Still it doesn't change the fact that something is happening in the depth of the forest. Linus, I must go check the Pentacle. If Shauta is right, the forest is in danger.

Linus-Face1.png Linus

Forget it. Grakqarak is dangerous enough, but you want to go deeper? The path that goes beyond Grakqarak is blocked by a magical fire, anyway.

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin


Linus-Face1.png Linus


Adventurer, I'm sorry, but could you take her beyond Grakqarak? She's more stubborn than she looks. She'll go alone if she has to.

Thank you. I'm glad you came to this village. But be careful. If the Tau King was telling the truth, something dangerous is lurking deep in the forest.


(Upon entering the Dungeon)
Toby-Face1.png Toby

Whoa, I've found you! I can't believe you went back to town without me! I was waiting for you!

Err? That's the woman Shauta took with him. She wasn't eaten alive. I'm glad you saved her. By the way, what brought you back here?

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Hi. I'm Seria. I want to go to the back of Grand Flores to check the condition of the Pentacle. Do you know how things are in the back of the forest?

Toby-Face1.png Toby

Erm, I'm not supposed to tell anything to humans. Mom told me not to.

But it seems the Adventurer is also curious about that. I've heard the ice mage's sister is in the depths of the forest. She used to help us goblins, but now she just wants to burn us.

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

You must mean Binoche. Adventurer, I've heard that mage loves this forest as much as we do. If she still remembers her love for the forest, maybe she'll help us. Let's go to her.

You're Toby, right? This place is too dangerous. You should go back to your village. Or you can wait for us in Elvenguard. Blacksmith Linus will take care of you.

Toby-Face1.png Toby

Do you mean the human village? Can I really go there? Whoa, yes! I'd love to!

Then Adventurer and Seria, see you soon!

(Upon entering Room A2)

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

He's a cute goblin. Did you save him? I can tell he worships you.

I've heard there used to be more goblins in this forest, but a lot of them died during the Great Fire. And it wasn't just goblins it killed. Taus and elves also died.

Even the survivors have changed because of it. If the Great Pentacle didn't break, that little goblin would've had many friends by now. So sad.

By the way, this forest... It's as if the Great Fire has been reenacted. Who set it on fire?

(Upon entering the Boss Room)
(In the distance, a human mage is spreading a magical fire within the forest. The Adventurer and Seria approach, alerting the mage.)

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

Halt! Who are you?

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Hello. Are you Binoche?

I came to talk to you about the Great Pentacle.

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

The Great Pentacle?

(Flustered, Binoche swings her weapon.)

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

The fairies sacrificed themselves to revive it. Did you come to destroy it again!?

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

No, that's not why I'm here. Shauta said something terrible is happening inside the forest. I came to check on the Great Pentacle.

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

That king of the Taus has gone mad. I'm not going to believe you because you know his name.

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

He may not be all there, but he loves the forest just the same.

Why are you setting this forest on fire, anyway?

I'm on my way to investigate a strange phenomenon in the forest on Shauta's behalf.

If you don't know anything about it, at least you can let me go.

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

I can't. Beyond this point, the forest is filled with evil energy.

If you go in there and become monsters, that's more work for me.

If you really want to go in there, you'll have to fight me first.

(Binoche readies her weapon.)

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

Prove to me how strong you are.

(Upon defeating the Boss)

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

You're definitely good.


Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

Okay, you're not too shabby, I'll give you that.

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Then could you put out this fire? I understand why you want to block the path, but this can burn down the whole forest.

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

I created these flames with my magic. That's never going to happen. Beside [sic], I can't put them out. They're keeping those things on the other side away.

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

I see. What's on the other side?

Binoche-Face1.png Flaming Binoche

...The pain of ones who once loved this forest. You can see it for yourself.


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