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Save Seria

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Act Quest Icon.png Save Seria
Type Act Quest
Quest Line Gran Flores (Act Quests)
Level Req. 11
Area - Dungeon / Town Grand Flores - Grakqarak
Quest Giver Toby

  • Expicon.png 54,735 Exp
  • Items rewarded based on condition:
Subclass Armor Mastery (Cloth)Subclass Armor Mastery (Leather)Subclass Armor Mastery (Light)Subclass Armor Mastery (Heavy)Subclass Armor Mastery (Plate)Subclass Primary Weapon (Slayer/Dark Knight/Knight)Subclass Primary Weapon (Fighter)Subclass Primary Weapon (Gunner)Subclass Primary Weapon (Mage/Creator)Subclass Primary Weapon (Priest)Subclass Primary Weapon (Thief)Subclass Primary Weapon (Demonic Lancer)Subclass Primary Weapon (Agent)
Previous Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Berserk Mage Keraha
Next Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png The Path into the Deep Forest

Save Seria is the seventh quest of the Gran Flores Act Quest storyline.



1 Map SE.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map SW.png
2 Map N.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

Icon-Tau King Shauta.png Tau King Shauta




Toby-Face1.png Toby

Soon we'll be in Grakqarak. What did you say the name of that human girl you're looking for? Seria?

I-I think I'm going to stay here. Just the thought of seeing the Tau King terrifies me... Good luck!


(Upon entering the Dungeon)

(As the Adventurer enters Grakqarak, an army of Taus block their path.)

Tau Warrior-Face1.png Tau Warrior

This is where our king resides! No intruders are allowed!

(Upon entering Room C1)
(A woman's voice is faintly heard in the distance.)

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

...I can't. Sorry... I really...

(Upon entering the Boss Room)
(In the distance, a large Tau clasps a silver-haired woman in one of his hands.)

Shauta-Face1.png Tau King Shauta

Revive... the forest... Our home... that you burned down...

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Sorry, but that's beyond my ability.

(The Adventurer runs over and attacks Shauta. Shauta releases the woman from his hand and turns his attention to the Adventurer.)

Shauta-Face1.png Tau King Shauta

Was it you who tried to destroy the Great Pentacle!?

(Upon defeating the Boss)
(The defeated Shauta collapses to the ground.)

Shauta-Face1.png Tau King Shauta

Grr... Grr... Protect... Protect the forest...

Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin



Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

Ah... Hello. Thank you for saving me. My name is Seria Kirmin. How did you know I was here?

Oh, Linus told you. I see. Thank you so much for saving me.

Huh? Yes, that's my bracelet. I thought I'd never see it again. This is really precious to me. Thank you.


Ah, nothing. Would you like to go back to the village? I know the way there.


  • Prior to the Season 6 Act 21. Lady Vengeance Patch, the original iteration of this quest rewarded players with a set of Lv. 10 Uncommon Leather Armor and a Seria's Return-themed weapon based on their base class's primary weapon.
Quest Line
Gran Flores (Act Quests) Linus's Request • Return to Linus • The Legendary Albino Goblin • Owner of the Poison Spring • Berserk Mage Keraha • Grakqarak Expedition • Save Seria • The Path into the Deep Forest • Darkness in the Forest • The Great Pentacle • The Senior Adventurer's Advice • Fighting to Protect the Forest • Seria's Determination