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The Legendary Albino Goblin

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Act Quest Icon.png The Legendary Albino Goblin
Type Act Quest
Quest Line Gran Flores (Act Quests)
Level Req. 3
Area - Dungeon / Town Grand Flores - Mirkwood; Thunderland
Quest Giver Linus

  • Collect the map from Kinol, the legendary albino goblin in Thunderland.

  • Expicon.png 3,328 Exp
Previous Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Return to Linus
Next Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Owner of the Poison Spring

The Legendary Albino Goblin is the third quest of the Gran Flores Act Quest storyline.



1 Map S.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png
2 Map NE.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

Icon-Lightning Kinoll.png Lightning Kinoll




Linus-Face1.png Linus

Yes, this bracelet is hers. The girl that the little goblin saw has to be Seria.

The Tau King? Do you mean Shauta? He lives in Grakqarak in the depths of Grand Flores. This is bad.

Adventurer, could you go to Grakqarak and save Seria? Shauta is just as violent and cruel as the Beast Rabul. We must save her before something bad happens to her.

I wish I still had that map... The goblins stole it when they attacked my village a while ago. Maybe you should ask that little goblin for the map. Grand Flores is so big, you'll have a hard time navigating it on your own.


(Upon entering the Dungeon)

(As the Adventurer enters the forest, they notice a small goblin hiding behind one of the trees.)

Toby-Face1.png Toby

Oh, hello!

I didn't come here to steal anything. I just wanted to look around...

Huh? The map of this forest?

Do you mean the old map that Kinoll made the grownups steal?

Kinoll took it with him already.

Don't you know Kinoll?

Legend says an albino goblin is born once every hundred years, and Kinoll is the legendary goblin.

He commands lightning, and he's strong... He's really scary.

He threatened the grownups into attacking the village.

Do you need that map? Then you should go to Thunderland.

That's where Kinoll is.

Are you really going to go there?

Are you sure? Are you not scared?

(Upon entering the Boss Room)
(In the distance, a legion of Goblins approach the Adventurer.)

Kinoll-Face1.png Lightning Kinoll

You want your map back. How dare you! I will turn you into ashes with my lightning!

(Upon defeating the Boss)

Kinoll-Face1.png Lightning Kinoll

How dare you... Kkgghhhh...


Toby-Face1.png Toby

Whoa, you really beat Kinoll! Incredible! The grownups would be happy to hear that. We've been starving because of Kinoll.

Oh, the map! You were looking for the map, right? Let me look for it for you...


  • Toby accompanies the Adventurer in Room A1.
  • In Room A2, the dungeon changes to Thunderland, and the objective changes to "Find Kinoll."
Quest Line
Gran Flores (Act Quests) Linus's Request • Return to Linus • The Legendary Albino Goblin • Owner of the Poison Spring • Berserk Mage Keraha • Grakqarak Expedition • Save Seria • The Path into the Deep Forest • Darkness in the Forest • The Great Pentacle • The Senior Adventurer's Advice • Fighting to Protect the Forest • Seria's Determination