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The Great Pentacle

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Act Quest Icon.png The Great Pentacle
Type Act Quest
Quest Line Gran Flores (Act Quests)
Level Req. 15
Area - Dungeon / Town Grand Flores - Elvenguard
Quest Giver Seria Kirmin

  • Expicon.png 2,079 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 655 Gold
Previous Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Darkness in the Forest
Next Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png The Senior Adventurer's Advice

The Great Pentacle is the tenth quest of the Gran Flores Act Quest storyline.



Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

This is bad. Ghoulguish will continue to use the pentacle and reanimate the dead. Our village won't be safe from them.

What do you think that pentacle is? I thought the Great Pentacle was the only one in Grand Flores...

Oh, don't you know what the Great Pentacle is? I can explain it to you. I have to go back to check something. Let's go back to my village for now.


Seria2-Face1.png Seria Kirmin

According to this book, the pentacle used by Ghoulguish was originally created to repair the Great Pentacle. It stopped working after a while, and now he's using it for himself.

A great many elves sacrificed themselves to repair the Great Pentacle and this forest. I can't let him take advantage of them or jeopardize them.

Adventurer, could you help? I can't fight Ghoulguish and free the pentacle from him by myself.

Quest Line
Gran Flores (Act Quests) Linus's Request • Return to Linus • The Legendary Albino Goblin • Owner of the Poison Spring • Berserk Mage Keraha • Grakqarak Expedition • Save Seria • The Path into the Deep Forest • Darkness in the Forest • The Great Pentacle • The Senior Adventurer's Advice • Fighting to Protect the Forest • Seria's Determination